Why do we need privacy and anonymity?

In discussions with friends about privacy and anonymity on the Internet, there are always the same answers:

  • Those who have nothing to fear do not need to protect themselves!
  • With encryption, we create a possibility for terrorists and criminals to face the law.
  • There's nothing we can do about the surveillance anyway.

And many other statements have made me think more and more often.

But why should you protect yourself?


Companies collect data about us.

The most common surveillance comes from companies on the Internet. Google, Yahoo, Yandex, Facebook etc. but also rather unknown companies such as: OWA, Xaxis, Ad Spirit, eBuzzing, etc. continuously collect data about us. They are integrated into websites in order to provide website operators with analyzes or statistics about the number of visitors and their interest or to be able to place more targeted advertising. The proven phrase has long been valid: “Only targeted advertising brings something.” That may well be true, because Google is very popular, also because it does not simply distribute advertising with the watering can, but rather coordinates it with user behavior or its interests. As a result, advertising is often not perceived as such, but some internet users even find these circuits to be helpful support by showing you information or products that match current interests.

So far, all of this may be true, and success is absolutely right for search engines or advertising networks. But what about your own privacy? What if we don't like it when and “foreign” companies follow and want to find out more and more about us? What if we deviate from our real interests and are interested in other things on the Internet? How does this affect the way companies perceive us as a person? What do we miss if we only get a controlled view of the world and others choose for us? Do we really want strangers to have more knowledge about us than we would share with our neighbors?

It's a beautified and colored view of the things we get on the internet.

Secret services collect data about us.

Edward Snowden's documents have shown us all that we are constantly being monitored and spied on. every one of us all! Why is this happening? It may be a misconception by intelligence agencies that the information you collect may also help you gain insight. This has never been the case, but it is only natural to use the data you have not only to combat terroism. There are also geopolitical and economic advantages that can result from this. In interaction with a propaganda that we could never escape, it is optimized by the knowledge gained about individuals and groups of people, adapted like Google's advertising, so that it becomes even more targeted. The information that you and I receive every day through various German media is already tailored to our thinking and desires, and clearly there are also organizations that benefit if we think as it was planned.

does that sound like a conspiracy theory to some people? Rationally speaking, it would be extremely unlikely if it were different! It is unlikely that the really big and powerful companies worldwide are NOT interested in how we think and that you would leave it up to chance what we see. That was the way it was in the Vietnam War, in the Cold War when it was a question of declaring “socialism” to be the enemy, and it is so much developed today. We get the messages and notifications that are tailored for us!

It is a wrong view that is presented to us, aimed precisely at our thinking, with the aim of manipulation.

Governments collect data about us.

Why our own governments want to collect data about us can be seen very well in Turkey, Poland, Hungary or other countries such as Estonia, Lithuania etc. these are all "western states" that we would call "friends", but in all of these countries rights are being taken away from individuals. In Turkey Journalists and intellectuals who are critical of the government are arrested. In Hungary opposition supporters are put in an economically worse position, sham proceedings are carried out to exclude you even after funding, etc. In Lithuania “Non-citizens” are kept away from elections and offices, even though these represent 30% of the population. Whenever these begin to organize and this can also be tracked via electronic media, the executive and also the state-run propaganda machines intervene and destroy the reputation or the ideas behind it. And the step from “persecuting hate speakers” to stigmatizing unloved people is just a “small one”. In other western countries, the situation can change dramatically within weeks if this appears necessary for the retention of power by some elites (and there are also some in Germany).

You could do something against your own government, but since this is often supported by international partners, the people are then more powerless!

Some might now assume that we are powerless against all of these facts. Of course you can say that, and in large parts it is difficult to do something about it, but it cannot and must not be impossible!

What can you do about it?

awareness raising

  • Do not avoid discussions about it, but also run it in the family, with friends or at work. Realize it around you, how companies, Western propaganda or even your own government try to get to know you, manipulate you and how some even abolish lies or civil rights. There are seemingly small signals that you will recognize but they will then change your perspective considerably.

Protect yourself!

  • Use the opportunities you haveto make it as difficult as possible for companies, intelligence agencies and also your own government to monitor and control your interests, your communication or simply your opinion.
  • Use one VPN-Service on any device and constantly, because your activities should stay as "private" as possible!
  • Surf the internet and block trackers and always log out of the websites after using them (Google, Facebook, Yahoo etc.)
  • Do not read media that want to manipulate you. If you notice that a medium reports unilaterally or asks leading questions to report to you. Stop reading it! Permanent.
  • Stop Listening to Others - Form Your Own Opinion.
  • Support organizations that are trying to change something and allow us more freedom and open opinion formation in the future. The money you save because you no longer consume unnecessary propaganda media, invest this or simply make your contribution to “enable freedom and justice WITHOUT propaganda!
  • Never let yourself be pressurized. Most offers that are free of charge and promise you more convenience (free programs, online services, etc.) finance themselves by using your data. Therefore, carefully consider whether the benefits for you also take this into account.

What is the reward for it?

If you expect to find a job faster. That your partner will therefore be more attentive to you every day. That the next tax statement will result in a credit.

Then you will be disappointed.

But as an individual and also as part of the collective in your circle of friends, your country, your continent and even worldwide, you will make a difference. Our children will continue to be able to choose how they want to live and not be compelled to do things by others. You will escape problems by not being put under general suspicion.

You will be able to react faster to changes and you will save a lot of valuable time by not believing in everyone and everything.

We will all not be able to be simply "passed out" by ourselves.