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  • Uncompromising anonymity
  • Most stable and high quality VPN-Server
  • Focus on safety and speed
  • Premium provider with perfect customer service
  • VPN Also use cascades on external devices (routers)


  • Only available in English
  • No own software for open source solutions
Connections per accountunlimited
Tariff (1 month) 15 USD
Tariff (2 months) 25 USD (per month 12.5 USD)
Tariff (3 months) 36 USD (per month 12 USD)
Tariff (6 months) 68 USD (per month 11.33 USD)
test options Refund warranty
video platforms Netflix , zattoo (CH) , Waipu , ARD (EN) , ZDF (DE) , BR DE) , N24 (EN) , MDR (EN) , rbb , WDR (DE) , Arte DE) , 3Sat (EN) , Pro7 (EN) , Sat1 (EN) , Cable1 (EN) , ORF (AT) , SRF (CH) , Servus TV (DE, AT, CH)

FoxVPN will be unknown to many. That's because the provider actually renounces marketing altogether. The entire appearance of the provider is very clear and well structured, but just without "screaming advertisements", which I noticed immediately. Nevertheless, Zorro isVPN Therefore it has remained something of a secret even though the service really offers outstanding services and also for many VPNInterested may well represent a fulfillment of your requirements.

FoxVPN is based on Seychelles' corporate headquarters, the conditions for a completely record-free operation and also protection against access by authorities. The constantly updated "Warrant Canary explanation"Is also a means to passively inform users about their own independence. The provider operates more than 280 + active servers in 49 different countries worldwide. Intelligent hardware-based load distributions and back-up solutions ensure completely uninterrupted operation.

FoxVPN describes his own goals as follows:

  1. We strive to provide the best availability of all VPN To ensure server
  2. We guarantee the complete secrecy of all personal data of our customers and support with all means at our disposal to preserve this privacy / anonymity also to each other.
  3. We guarantee that we do not keep any records of user activity. No way.
  4. We guarantee a dedicated, helpful and professional customer service.

FoxVPN provides the following benefits to users who work with most others VPNServices are missing:

  • IP change without disconnection
    This function can be used without the active VPN To disconnect, perform an IP address change.
  • VPN to TOR (Onion)
    This feature can be over a ZorroVPN Connect server directly to the TOR network. This will also successfully bypass known TOR security issues.
  • VPN Multi-hop (multiple connections, cascading)
    Through this feature you can talk about several VPNServer from ZorroVPN connect one after the other and thus it is completely impossible even with a (theoretical) takeover of the last server by a third party, no traces on the actual identity (IP address) locate. There are multiple connections up to 4 VPNServer possible.
  • 4096-bit authentication
    The use of maximally encrypted authentication methods can also prevent identity attacks during the connection establishment process
  • Own record-free ZorroVPN DNS Server
    The own ZorroVPN DNS servers record no user activity and are accessible only to users of the service. This ensures that DNS locks are effectively bypassed and, moreover, that no data retention or mass surveillance can take place.
  • Individual port redirects
    This function makes it possible to even faster results synonymous with FileSharing or specifically to use applications that need to use a specific port.
  • Server Management without records (logfiles)
    Technical measures are taken so that the servers always have enough resources available to guarantee each user the maximum bandwidth and accessibility. This is done through load-balancing and other techniques that do not allow or save any record of user activity.
  • Only secure hardware and specially modified operating systems
    FoxVPN relies on its own hardware to operate the servers and uses a specially modified operating environment that is protected against access by third parties via additional security measures. It uses hardware-assisted mechanisms for smooth operation and data management, guaranteeing continuous operation of more than 99,9% on all servers.
  • A static IP address on request
    you can set up yourself on each one VPNServers worldwide.
  • Automatic "Failure Backup" solution within each country
    Due to an intelligent control, the failure of a server can VPNConnection can be continued automatically and without delay via another location in the same country. Connection interruptions are excluded!
  • Help with the setup
    also via TeamViewer (also RemoteDesktop) by the service team
  • TOP customer service:
    E-mail or Skype - Live customer service

Prices and tariffs

FoxVPN offers only one tariff, it contains all available services unlimited and without limits. For my readers, I have been able to obtain a discount code, which guarantees a permanent price reduction of -10%.

There are multiple connections per user (ie multiple devices at the same time) possible.

list Price With discount codeper month

1 month $ 15

2 months $ 25

3 months $ 36

6 months $ 68

12 months $ 120

$ 13.50 ~ € 11,50

$ 22.50 ~ € 19,50

$ 32.40 ~ € 28

$ 61,20 ~ € 53

$ 108 ~ € 95

~ € 11,50 per month

~ € 9,75 per month

~ € 9,30 per month

~ € 9,25 per month

~ € 7,95 per month

[box title = ""]The discount code is: VAVT10[/box]

Accepted payment methods:

  • Bitcoin
  • Web money
  • PayPal
  • Perfect Money
  • QIWI Wallet
  • OKpay
  • Yandex.Money
  • Kreditkarten
  • Paymentwall (Sofortüberweisung, Maestro etc)
  • Mint
  • Liqpay
  • Payeer
  • W1
  • BTC-E

FoxVPN does NOT develop and operate own software or apps!

The provider's strategy is to ensure the proper and secure operation of the server infrastructure. Developing software for different operating systems or even apps costs a lot of time and also special know-how. To make this really secure, it is therefore completely waived and instead provided support in the use of open source or third-party solutions.

Currently, detailed instructions and support are available for many devices.
Windows, Mac OSX, Android, Apple iOS, routers and many others, on request, customer service also helps directly with the adaptation to individual applications.

instructions: FoxVPN with Viscosity for Windows & Mac OSX

Technology for maximum anonymity

FoxVPN uses exclusively the OpenVPN Minutes

The servers of ZorroVPN have comprehensive support of the OpenVPN Protocol over TCP and UDP. Also, due to security considerations, no other protocols are allowed or used on the servers. The authentication takes place via 4096-bit certificates, which correspond to the absolute highest level of the current possibilities. It never uses user IDs or passwords in plain text for authentication!

VPN to TOR (Onion)

You can also use SOCKS5 proxies on the servers to gain direct access to the TOR network.

Multi-Hop VPN cascading

Or it is also possible to create your own "chains" of multiple consecutive server connections (Multi-Hop VPN cascading) This makes it possible to use these connections via any device and these ensure that it is technically completely impossible to conclude the activities of the users or their identity, even if servers from ZorroVPN should be actively monitored.

FoxVPN Use in combination with proxies

There is the possibility ZorroVPN also in combination with proxy services. Before the VPNConnection but also afterwards!
proxy proxy

FoxVPN can also adjust the MTU settings

In the configuration data, you can specify which MTU size you want to use and thus also prevent the leaks based on it can be used for identification. Of course you can also use the default settings of the Internet provider for it.

FoxVPN Servers and locations

FoxVPN operates at approximately 100 various locations in 49 various countries worldwide VPN-Server. The active servers are quite a few with 300 + and also guarantee through an intelligent load management that every user always receives the maximum speed and performance. Slow connections due to congested servers have not occurred. Furthermore, the availability of the VPNServer to be increased to 99,9 +%. The current locations can be found on the website of ZorroVPN retrieve at any time.

FoxVPN Locations

My conclusion to ZorroVPN:

The provider has proven the best stability of its servers so far, which I experienced in my many years of activity. There are also many features that protect your privacy / anonymity effectively. But I am also aware that some users prefer one VPNProviders have also offered its own software, so I recommend the provider before a purchase in any case for free testing. But if you are looking for a premium provider, stable and fast connections + maximum anonymity, you should contact ZorroVPN do not go by


Created on:07/07/2016

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    Customer Service


    Ease of use


    Zorro also has incredible speed with cascades. Even from Russia, Switzerland to Germany I have a ping of only 18ms. that's incredible. I have never experienced a faster provider especially with cascades. Dear Markus, thank you also for your Hilde when setting up on my smartphone. If you know how it's done it's always easy) After the installation, everything was great with Zorro, so it's good that there are people like you who can help you if you do not know what to do. Greetings from Dortmund.

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