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Surfshark VPN

1.79 EUR







Customer Service


Ease of use



  • Innvovativster VPN of the year 2010 with many additional functions and easy handling
  • Applications for Windows, macOS, iOS, Android, Linux, FireTV and Router available.
  • Shadowsocks protocol has been implemented and provides stable connections in restrictive networks (China, hotels, Arab states)
  • VPNCascades offer increased security against surveillance.
  • CleanWeb (advertising filter) and HackLock (security review) available.


  • All video portals in German, except "Amazon Video" available.

Two years surfing the Internet safely for less than 50 Euro? This deal is currently available at VPN-Providers Surfshark VPN offered. Not only that: since the founding of the company in 2017 a lot of innovation has been established. These concern all areas of available servers, speed, security and anonymity as well as operation and additional functions. Now, however, the question arises whether the work has paid off and actual improvements are recognizable. If Surfshark VPN a serious comrade on the VPNMarket is, the test shows.

Connections per accountunlimited
Tariff (1 month) 9.89 EUR
Tariff (12 months) 59.88 EUR (per month 4.99 EUR)
Tariff (24 months) 42.96 EUR (per month 1.79 EUR)
test options Refund warranty
video platforms Netflix , DAZN (EN) , Eurosport , zattoo (CH) , Waipu , maxdome , ARD (EN) , ZDF (DE) , BR DE) , N24 (EN) , MDR (EN) , rbb , WDR (DE) , Arte DE) , 3Sat (EN) , Pro7 (EN) , Sat1 (EN) , Cable1 (EN) , ORF (AT) , SRF (CH) , Servus TV (DE, AT, CH)

Surfshark VPN: Mass instead of class?

When server offer has become Surfshark VPN apparently focused on including as many countries in the portfolio: The 800 currently active servers are distributed to more than 50 countries (as of September 2019). If you would like to have your internet connection via the US, there are at least twelve different hosts available. By contrast, most states have only one server - other services have more to offer.

Also, the number of network protocols used nobody skin off the stool, in addition to the standard OpenVPN (TCP and UDP) is still the fast IPSec (IKEv2) to choose from. The test turns out Surfshark VPN as a very secure service out: Any loopholes (IP, WebRTC, DNS, Windows logon) are all closed. Filesharing via P2P or torrent allows the service explicitly, usage data is not collected in logfiles. It is also pleasing that there are no restrictions on the devices that can be used at the same time. That way you can Surfshark Easily share with family and friends.

Connection via gang

Lately may itself SurfsharkUsers look forward to a helpful feature called MultiHop: these are so-called VPNCascades or VPNChains. The service filters the Internet connection via two servers at the same time, which makes surfing even safer. The disadvantage of cascades is the reduced bandwidth compared to the simple ones VPN.

Altogether eight were at the time of the test VPNChains selectable - a decent value.

Surfshark VPN: Decent pace

In total offers Surfshark VPN good internet speeds: just with nearby ones VPNServer is the bandwidth slump in the Download irrelevant, since upload tempo suffers since rather. In the sample, the locations Germany (20 percent), Great Britain (43 percent) and France (55 percent) still delivered good speeds. The measured bandwidths are usually enough for surfing the Internet, Downloads and video streams in up to 4K UHD resolution. Class: As it is Surfshark VPN a relatively new one VPNService, the popular streaming provider Netflix does not (yet) block a large number of available servers.

Speedtest comparison Surfshark
The connection with the German VPNServer (location: Frankfurt) does not have much influence on the available bandwidth. (Determination via

Sometimes it takes longer with Windows

For Windows and MacOS corresponding software is available for download. The installation takes a few minutes, then it can start. Strange: If you go under Windows systems an IKEv2VPNConnection, the software will take a few minutes to connect to the Internet, depending on the PC and Ethernet settings. After that everything is stable. Under MacOS, this problem does not occur, but the protocol can not be changed and the whitelist function (see below) does not exist. Operation is easy with both systems, the menu structure is convincing with a good overview.

Surfshark-Windows wait time
Although the VPNConnection has been established for more than a minute, the PC can not connect to the Internet.

Android better than iOS

Surfshark VPN can also be used via app with Android and iOS devices. At first glance, the programs hardly differ from each other, but you can see in Settings but quickly: The Android app has more features to offer, especially the Whitelister and the CleanWeb feature. Apart from that, both applications work flawlessly, including logical and comfortable menu navigation for mobile devices.

Surfshark-Difference Android iOS
While androids have almost all functions, iOS users have to be content with the kill switch.

Also on the TV usable

Anyone who owns an Android TV (such as Sony) or the streaming console hybrid Nvidia Shield or a streaming device from Amazon (Fire TV 4K, Fire TV Stick or Fire TV Stick 4K) may have a dedicated app of Surfshark VPN looking forward. Both app variants have the same structure and additionally offer the CleanWeb feature. Unfortunately, the functionality is disappointing: it is not possible to enable Netflix streams with VPNConnection to start. On Windows, MacOS, and on mobile devices, this works with the same servers. So degenerate the apps for Android TV and Fire TVs to the functionless storage eater.

Surfshark VPN Android TV Fire TV
VPNChains do not offer apps for Android TV and Fire TV.

More for the money

The functionality from Surfshark VPN can be seen: In addition to the MultiHop feature, there are the following additional features:

  • Kill switch: Interrupt the Internet connection as soon as the VPNConnection unexpectedly stops. The function can be found under:
    • Windows: Settings -> Connectivity -> Kill Switch
    • MacOS: Preferences -> General -> Kill Switch
    • iOS: gear icon -> kill switch
    • Android: gear icon -> connectivity -> VPN Kill Switch
  • CleanWeb: Filters unwanted ads, stops trackers and blocks malware and phishing attempts. The function can be found under:
    • Windows: CleanWeb -> CleanWeb
    • MacOS: Preferences -> General -> CleanWeb
    • Android TV and Fire TV: Settings -> Preferences -> CleanWeb
    • Android: gear icon -> Security -> CleanWeb
  • White Lister: Allowed selected websites and programs that VPNConnection, such as for banking apps. The function can be found under:
    • Windows: Whitelister -> Whitelister for apps / Whitelister for websites
    • Android: Gear icon -> Security -> Whitelister -> No apps selected / No sites selected
  • NoBorders: Rescues Internet restrictions such as the Great Firewall in China. The function can be found under:
    • Windows: Preferences -> Advanced -> NoBorders
    • MacOS: Preferences -> General -> NoBorders
  • Warrant Canary: Meanwhile offers Surfshark VPN a regularly updated Warrant Canary Statement. This ensures more transparency for the users.
The Whistler feature is particularly useful for banking apps and certain streaming providers.

Surfshark for Netflix

Netflix watch Surfshark VPN
Netflix watch Surfshark VPN

Video: DAZN with Surfshark use abroad

Surfshark VPN: With promo code particularly favorable

Surfshark VPN offers three different tariffs: The monthly subscription costs 9,89 Euro, for the 12 months subscription one-time 59,68 Euro is due (converted 4,99 Euro / month). Significantly cheaper is the 24 monthly tariff: When using the promo code "sharkstart", the price is reduced to 41,96 Euro, which corresponds to about 1,75 Euro per month. The payment works by credit card, Sofortüberweisung, Amazon Pay, Crypto currencies like Bitcoin and other payment options.

Surfshark Prices
The promo code "sharkstart" reduces the price of the 2 annual rate from the equivalent of 2,89 to 1,75 Euro per month.
Unlimited devices and connections with one Surfshark Account
Unlimited devices and connections with one Surfshark Account

With Surfshark you can save a lot on online shopping!

By changing the IP address you also appear as if you were in another country. A strong example of this is the ABO of YouTube "YouTube Premium". This is sold in Europe for € 11,99 per month. The exactly identical ABO costs only € 2,74 in Russia. And of course one uses this ABO nevertheless with German language and has no restrictions. The difference is only given where you ordered this ABO. And that does Surfshark and helps you save by choosing a convenient location:

Example: Save with Surfshark VPN (Video):

My conclusion too Surfshark VPN

In the sum power Surfshark VPN a round impression: Although annoying the waiting time at the VPNConnection with IKEv2 protocol under Windows, also disappoint the apps for Android TV and Fire TV. The measured bandwidths, high security and simple operation make up for it. The long-term 24 months tariff including promo code is also extremely cheap - especially when sharing the service with friends and family.

Created on:03/03/2019

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    I have Surfshark actually bought just because of Netflix bought. I live in Turkey and that's just part of it. I have others VPNs tested but they were locked at Netflix, Surfshark goes.

  2. Thanks for the test. Are the additional functions such as Killswitch, Cleanweb and Whitelister also usable when installing on an Asusrouter?

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