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Anonine VPN

3.99 USD







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  • High speed
  • Public servers available in Sweden
  • Useful server overview on the website
  • No blocking by Netflix
  • Many secure network protocols


  • A few servers with Windows and iOS
  • Hardly any additional functions
  • Optics and operation expandable in the iOS app
  • No MacOS software

A new comrade has entered the arena. His name: Anonine VPN, Well, that's how new it is VPN- Actually not, because the company has been active for more than ten years. Originally founded in Sweden, the company is now based in the Seychelles. Above all, Anonine wants to score with high security when surfing and downloading as well as public servers in Sweden. The test shows whether this works and whether the overall package is right.

Anonine VPN: Safe and flexible

The selection of servers at Anonine VPN The bottom line is okay, but in comparison to top services it can be expanded: At the time of the test, only 57 servers from 35 countries could be selected (as of March 2019). Few countries have multiple hosts, including the United States (9), the United Kingdom (3), Germany (2) and others. But the number of available network protocols is appealing: in addition to the fast and secure OpenVPN/ Stunnel (UDP and TCP) IPSec IKEv2, L2TP / IPSec and PPTP are available. Security is also convincing: there were no loopholes such as IP, WebRTC, DNS and Windows leaks, so the IP address is always kept secret. Anyone who uploads and downloads a lot and a lot via peer-to-peer connections (P2P) or torrent can be happy because Anonine VPN allows file sharing. Very good: user data is not collected. A small shortcoming is the device limitation to five connections at the same time, which should normally be enough.

Anonine VPN: Fast on the way

At Anonine VPN it’s better to buckle up, because it’s very fast - at least in the short and medium distance. There are words of praise for nearby ones VPN-Server: The hosts in Germany (Down: 70,7 MBit / s | Up: 42,6 MBit / s), Great Britain (Down: 40,4 MBit / s | Up: 45,8 MBit / s), France (Down: 34,7 Mbit / s | Up: 26,9 Mbit / s) and Sweden (Down: 34,6 Mbit / s | Up: 36,67 Mbit / s) positive, the output speed without VPN was included in the measurement at 120,6 Mbps Download and 49,74 Mbit / s in the upload. Even with the checked US server, the bandwidth is just enough for video streaming in 4K resolution (for example with Netflix). However, the hosts from China, Japan, Brazil and Australia are unusable, having less than 5 percent of the original data rate VPN achieved and not even create streaming in Full HD quality without delay.

Speedtest comparison Anonine
Compared with the pace without VPN Anonine servers buckle significantly, but you can do a lot with the speeds of nearby hosts. (Determined via

Anonine VPN: Windows yes, Mac no

The bad news first: Mac users have to deal with the manual VPN- Satisfy the establishment. But there is at least a good guide on the website. The good news: A desktop client is available for Windows, even if it looks a bit spartan. For this, installation, setup and operation work properly. When the software is opened, all servers are initially displayed via the Asterisk symbol On the right side, favorites can be created in a separate list. The green button is used to establish a quick connection. Before doing this, there is the option of selecting the desired server and the preferred protocol. Under the tab Call log the activities can also be traced. In the settings you will find general options (behavior at program start, language, port) - and the kill switch that cuts the Internet as soon as none VPN-Connection exists. Apart from that, it looks a bit poor in terms of functions, but that's enough for ordinary use.

The favorites list facilitates long-term use: Ideally only the fastest and most important servers come in here.

Anonine VPN: The iOS app - beautiful is different

Au weia: Anonine offers an app for iOS devices (iPhones and iPads) VPN at. Here, however, there is a lack of optics and - in connection with this - the operation. After logging in, the app greets you with an interactive, zoomable world map, which is littered with virtual pins, and a note that the connection is not secure. To deal with one VPN-Connect server, either tap on the switch next to the note (quick connection) or on one of the red needles to select a specific server. Once this is done, the confirmation of the connection and a green line between the actual location and the VPN-Location on the map. In addition, the location appears in a dropdown list in the top left, which can be used to control other, more convenient servers.

After zooming (with two fingers) the map becomes a little clearer.

The presentation with the card is in itself a nice idea and visually appealing, really clear and easy to use but not. The dropdown list is also a thorn in the side: The individual country flags of the server locations are shown here when they are opened, but the lettering protrudes into the illustration - really not nice. There are several available VPNServer in a country, a tap on the flag is enough and the choices appear. By the way: Anonine has the kill switch and other features VPN saved for the mobile apps. All in all, the iOS app is okay in terms of functionality, but the design and the somewhat uncomfortable operation can be expanded.

Unfortunately, the font in the server overview is difficult to recognize. The rest of the app does not make air jumps for service fetishists either.

Anonine VPN: Android is more

Compared to the iOS app, the application for Android mobile devices has appeared much tidier since the latest update: Unlike the iOS version, there is no map here, instead a simple drop-down list and buttons - much more convenient and chic. With a simple tap on Connect without prior server selection, you can connect with the individually optimal one VPN-Server. However, it is not possible to determine which it is. Therefore, it is probably advisable to target a nearby host in the overview. Curious: In the Android app, users have access to almost twice as many servers as in the Windows client or the iOS application. One drawback with both mobile applications: the network protocol cannot be changed, IPSec is used as standard here.

Update provides an overview: The new version of the Android app sends the card into retirement, makes the matter clearer and simplifies operation noticeably. Hopefully iOS users will soon be able to benefit from the new design.

Anonine VPN: Low tide at the additional functions

As mentioned earlier, Anonine is waiting VPN with comparatively few additional functions. A brief overview including directions and an explanation is given below:

  • Kill Switch: Interrupt the Internet connection as soon as the VPNConnection unexpectedly stops. The function can be found under:
    • Windows: Settings -> Kill Switch
  • Server Details: Provides information about server status, uptime, load time, and latency.
  • Warrant Canary: Meanwhile offers Surfshark VPN a regularly updated Warrant Canary Statement. This ensures more transparency for the users.
Anonine-VPNFunctions server details
Also interesting for gamers: Via the button Ping the latency of each VPNServer.

Anonine VPN: Streaming with Netflix goes!

The favorite series or the great film is not available on Netflix Germany, but is it available in the US version of the streaming service? No problem: there are four dedicated and designated US Netflix servers at Anonine VPN on. Before the connection, however, it should be noted that the network protocol PPTP or L2TP is selected beforehand. with OpenVPN Unfortunately, the fun does not work, because only the known error message appears.

Netflix US with Anonine VPN see? This works out!

Anonine VPN: Priced okay

Anonine is really cheap VPN considering the server selection and the range of functions, the service is more or less in the middle compared to the competition. For the monthly subscription, customary 6,99 euros are due, three months there is a one-time fee of 17,97 euros (corresponds to 5,99 euros per month). The cheapest subscription option is the 12-month subscription for 47,88 euros (around 3,99 euros per month).

Tariff options and prices from Anonine VPN in the overview.

My conclusion to Anonine VPN

All in all, Anonine does VPN a good impression, but the provider cannot keep up with the top services. Server selection, ease of use and additional functions are not enough for this, and the prices are only cheap on average. On the other hand, the bandwidths achieved with nearby ones show really well VPNServers and high security.

Created on: 04/18/2019

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