GooseVPN Review. Great for TV, Netflix, Amazon, Maxdome or P2P.


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  • Cheap provider without binding
  • Streaming from Netflix, Amazon & SkyGo possible
  • Locations in 25 states and simple software for the most important devices
  • Good speeds & excellent customer service
  • Try 1 month for free!


  • Available in English only
  • Payment by PayPal or credit card

GooseVPN is a provider from the Netherlands. The service is still quite new and still offers a large number of 25 different server locations and software & apps for the most important devices. What sets the service apart is that it also makes it possible to play Netflix, Amazon Video & Co from abroad.

The GooseVPN Server (test report)

The provider rents servers at 25 different locations, but not “virtual” but dedicated hardware is used, which also allows the provider to exercise good control over the functions. As with all rental server variants, however, the IP addresses are not registered on the provider itself, but on the hoster. As a result, authorities always come to the hoster first when trying to track down users of an address. In this case, Goose servers canVPN even seized or monitored without the knowledge of the provider.

GooseVPN Servers & Locations
GooseVPN Servers & Locations

VPN for Netflix, Amazon and other video stream services.

GooseVPN has been lucky so far with indexing the IP addresses used on most video platforms. Film distributors insist that the use of VPNServices from abroad have to be stopped, which is why the platforms like Netflix & Co as VPNService block known IP addresses from use. It is in my view, although absolutely foreseeable that the IP addresses of GooseVPN will end up on these lists sooner or later, but at the moment you can still use the service.

Software and applications

The provider is still a very young company and has the required software and apps created by third-party companies. Therefore, the functions are currently limited to the basic requirements. Additional functions such as DNS selection, DNS leak protection, firewall, etc. are therefore currently not being sought. The basic functions therefore also offer the basic functionality to deal with one VPNServer of the provider to connect. This is based on the Open protocolsVPN and IEKV2, depending on the device support.

OVPN Configuration files for WLAN routers

Through the OVPN Configuration files are also very easy to open source software solutions as well as ASUS VPN-Use router with it. This is a big advantage from my point of view since I think many Goose usersVPN will also be used abroad to enable TV streams from abroad via the router.

GooseVPN Software for Windows, Mac, iOS and Android
GooseVPN Software for Windows, Mac, iOS and Android

Data security & privacy with GooseVPN

GooseVPN as a young service with primarily rented servers, it cannot of course meet the absolutely highest security standards. I don't think that's the goal of the service. It is about achieving privacy and tricking legal surveillance, the provider does not protect against targeted surveillance. This would also be problematic due to the local legal situation in the defeats or the EU, companies are accused very quickly of supporting terrorism with it, which of course is utter nonsense fact.

So who's GooseVPN used, which has basic requirements for the protection of their own privacy. However, this point will not be considered for people for whom anonymity and protection from exploration is particularly important!

Filesharing & Torrent with GooseVPN

In my test there were only two servers that were allowed for P2P file sharing via torrents. So far this is also a sensible decision, since by taking servers in countries where there is no legal warning option by IP addresses, you are as VPN-Service saves a lot of trouble. The speed on the existing servers was also good. So you can gooseVPN also recommend for torrent users.

GooseVPN Prices & Tariffs

PayPal payments ONLY with deposited credit card

One thing you have to say in advance: GooseVPN currently only accepts PayPal payments + to make payments via German PayPal accounts, you must have a credit card in your PayPal account. This is surprising for many users who do not know that PayPal otherwise simply refuses to pay.

The tariffs of GooseVPN have no minimum commitments. So you can already book only 1 month and do not have to accept huge surcharges.

  • 1 Month GooseVPN (50GB data volume included) only € 2.99
  • 1 Month GooseVPN Unlimited only € 4.67 (enter discount code: vavt30)
  • 12 months gooseVPN Unlimited only € 48 (enter discount code: vavt30)

From my philosophy: “Better discount than commission!” I managed to get a good deal for my readers.
-30% discount on all unlimited fares at GooseVPN permanent!

GooseVPN exclusive discounts for readers
Exclusive discounts for readers

GooseVPN Try 1 month for free!

The provider also enables the service for the first month and without any further obligation.

What you have to consider is that you have to identify yourself with PayPal. So there will be a one-off charge of EUR 0,02 per PayPal. To do this, it is already necessary to have a credit card deposited in the PayPal account! You can stop further debits or extend the free trial at any time directly with PayPal. Without further justification!

GooseVPN Try 1 month for free!

My conclusion to GooseVPN

The provider from the Netherlands is still relatively new to the market. The access software is very simple, but makes it very easy to create the connections. The most important thing is that the service is very suitable for all types of TV or streaming. Exchanges and Downloads can be used safely and safely on the dedicated servers. However, the service does not offer absolute data security with regard to targeted monitoring, etc. However, it is sufficient to escape general surveillance.

Created on: 01/09/2017