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  • High protection especially for copyright!
  • Very good anonymity
  • Inexpensive
  • Good server connections
  • Torrent / P2P specialization


  • Little server selection
  • Specializes mainly in file sharing

VPNTester_ChecklisteIn autumn 2014, ThePirateBay's website showed an advertisement for one VPN-Service, which was apparently an initiative by ThePirateBay founders to continue to protect freedom on the Internet. The service got up to 100.000 new users in just one week. Since then, some of the founders of Piratebay have been in hiding and it is still unclear who Froot's actual operator isVPN is. What is certain is that FrootVPN is absolutely committed to anonymity and the protection of users against spying and access by authorities. In my contact with one of the founders, we exchanged encrypted emails and I was able to test the service myself for 3 months.

FrootVPN is based in Sweden and operates under Swedish law.

This guarantees an extremely high level of protection against access by authorities like hardly any other country in Europe (perhaps Switzerland is excluded). In particular, and one has to adhere to this, “minor crimes” of copyright are protected, with other criminal data, Swedish law protects less. FrootVPN also operates only the few for security reasons VPNServer and guarantees complete freedom of recording (no log files)!

FrootVPN Server in:

  • Sweden
  • Canada
  • USA
  • France

NAT is not even used for IP address assignment. NAT is a technology that is usually used to provide users of routers with an IP address and the data correspond to incoming and outgoing. Naturally, NAT remembers which user (IP address) sent or requested which data during use. So not the data directly, but the data packet address lines are read. This is actually not a problem, since this data is only saved for milliseconds, but if you had access to the server LIVE, users could possibly find out IP addresses. Because the FrootVPN Founders apparently even wanted to rule out the possibility of logging data during operation. Instead of NAT, a very rudimentary service is used on Linux routers to get by completely without recording. This is actually a radical measure, but it may also be necessary if you consider the NSA's efforts to track / monitor billions of people. And FrootVPN also offers USA servers, but the boys cannot guard them around the clock 🙂

Filesharing P2P / Torrent with FrootVPN

Due to this measure, all users get only one common IP address per server. This makes it easier to get lost in the crowd of all users, which is an advantage, especially when it comes to file sharing.

The restricted server selection qualifies FrootVPN primarily to either keep his identity secret and or just for file sharing. One should not expect to be able to unlock content that is blocked for local use from other countries.

Prizes from FrootVPN

Clearly Froot acceptsVPN anonymous means of payment (Bitcoin), PayPal and also credit cards. The

A few FrootVPN Brief overview of facts:

  • Provider from Sweden (ThePirateBay related)
  • Reasonable price (only $ 4.99 / month without commitment; $ 2.99 / month for 12 months)
  • FrootVPN relies on OpenVPN and L2TP / IPSec protocols
  • No NAT is used, therefore only 1 IP address for all users of a server
  • Absolutely no log files / activity records
  • All devices with OpenVPN or L2TP are possible (Windows, Mac OSX, Linux, Apple iOS, Android)
  • Torrent and P2P expressly allowed!
  • Available in English only.

The VPN Tester rated.My FrootVPN Conclusion.

FrootVPN is therefore in my opinion not in line with others VPN-Services, but especially recommended for all filesharers and torrent users. The fact that the number of users has increased to 300.000 despite the lack of worldwide coverage also speaks for the fact that FrootVPN has made a really good name for the file sharing community. This would not have been possible with access or data transfer to authorities, or there would have been corresponding reports about this on the Internet. Therefore, it can be assumed that it is actually very safe.

Created on: 03/09/2016

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