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  • Easy to use
  • Fast server
  • High data security
  • Great customer service (live chat)
  • Stable and reliable


  • Customer service only in English
  • Stable but higher price

ExpressVPN Report

The VPN Provider from BVIsland offers a complete and stable service, which is known for fast connections and also very good security. expressVPN effect VPN Server in 82 countries and modern OpenVPN are offered and technically represent the last standard dar. No wonder that the service has won many fans.

VPNTester_ChecklisteExpressVPN Final Words

ExpressVPN based in BV Islands


The domain of the provider is the speed of the data connections over the VPN-Server. As it already appears in the name, it was also confirmed in my test results. expressVPN is really fast. I have 50 VPN-Servers can be checked at three different times of the day, there were hardly any deviations from the values ​​WITHOUT VPN Connection recognizable. In some cases, ping times were even faster with use. the provider does what it says on the tin. It is enough to easily stream TV & videos in FullHD, even in 4K resolution. Sure, it still depends on your own internet provider too, but ExpressVPN is at least not a “brake!

Maximum speed tested
Germany | 02.01.2020

Express applicationsVPN

Privacy & anonymity on the Internet

The provider use the usual VPN-Protocols for encrypting traffic, this is state of the art in any case. But it was also important in my test that ExpressVPN had no interruptions even during days of transmission. Why the connection was flawless and protected over the entire period. Unfortunately, I have the opposite of it some others VPN-Services must experience. To what extent your own data at ExpressVPN are also in good hands, in my opinion it is difficult to understand. The company's operational headquarters are in ireland, as this is closely related to the UK, US and UK intelligence agencies could of course also have direct access to the data. So far, however, this is only speculation, and I have not been able to find any information on this. However, I lack a public distance from cooperation or a technical explanation of how to prevent this. I therefore trust anonymity expresslyVPN not in every case!



Most providers roll over with special offers. “Virtual list prices” are discounted to give buyers the feeling that they are making a bargain. Express VPN has never participated here. Strictly speaking, prices are never discounted and have remained at the same level for years, but the provider is still growing every day. Ok, in direct comparison with other providers, the service seems to be more expensive than others. However, one should also take into account that there is really good customer service and that the technology runs flawlessly and permanently.

ExpressVPN contains:

  • 24-hour customer support through live chat
  • Ultra-fast servers in 78 countries
  • Free access software apps for and more!
  • Industry leading security & encryption
  • Unlimited bandwidth & server switches
  • 30 days without risk. You will get your money back without giving a reason.

Prices in detail

Streaming with expressVPN

ExpressVPN supports practically all USA streaming portals and many German ones too. But you can't see everything with it. This is of course a bit annoying, but it is also due to the German local copyright regulations, which is why the streaming platforms are rigorous here VPN Block services.

Download & Torrent with ExpressVPN

You can use expressVPN Use torrent and also be safe from warnings.

ExpressVPN on the router

ExpressVPN can also be many available VPN-Use client routers. There is also an express of its ownVPN Router, which is clearly overpriced and therefore other devices that we also describe are better for this.

ExpressVPN for online gaming

ExpressVPN to travel

ExpressVPN Apps are quite energy efficient and are also very suitable for mobile use. The service is now blocked in many parts of China and thus shares the fate of many other providers. That is why we recommend the service of Surfshark to use.

Express customer serviceVPN

Customer service is also available via live chat, but is only available in English.

Express summaryVPN

The VPN Tester rated.I think ExpressVPN really good. No unnecessary functions, but instead a large and stable network in many countries worldwide. The fact that the provider offers very good customer service rounds off the overall picture. I would not necessarily assume 100% anonymity towards secret services, but this is very good for the normal user.

Created on: 01/25/2016

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