WindScribe VPN Test report: Free tariff - but no 100% protection

WindScribe VPN

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  • Free tariff available


  • Proxies for filtering - potential danger to your privacy
  • Subject to Canadian laws and thus mandatory data collection & issuing
  • Servers are rented - attention in the selection!
  • Many advertising mails at the free rate
  • Filesharing not allowed according to the terms and conditions

WindScribe VPN has made a name for itself with its free tariff among users. It still exists - but with severe restrictions and not with full protection, since it is a browser plug-in. We have the provider in Windscribe VPN Test looked and found out some interesting details.

WindScribe VPN claims to be absolutely safe. An assertion that we wanted to get to the bottom of. Because absolute security is not so easy to achieve. And also at Windscribe there are some facts against the fact that you as a user are not exposed to any risks regarding your privacy and data protection.

Canadian laws require data collection!

First of all, Windscribe VPN comes from Canada. Unlike in Switzerland or Honkong, for example, Canada is obliged to collect data and also to release it in the event of inquiries from the authorities. For example, when it comes to a possible copyright infringement. It could warnings threaten! Canada is of course part of the American surveillance mania!

Gives Windscribe VPN Data to partners next?

Your identity is not protected because your real IP address is saved. So you can always be researched. The provider also points this out in its terms and conditions. An older version even talks about sharing data with other companies. In the meantime, this passage no longer exists, but just because it is not mentioned does not mean that it does not happen. In addition, Canada has no data protection for foreigners. Objections and the like against the use of your data are not possible.Filtering content over the VPN Windscribe server

WindScribe VPN uses proxy services - which is potentially risky

Fact number 2: Windscribe uses proxy services. This means that your data is exchanged with the Internet via "proxies". This gives the proxies the power to view and manipulate your data! The advantage is that unwanted advertising can be filtered with the proxies, which is of course practical. However, our recommendation is very clear not to get involved with such proxy servers. Or at least be careful with very confidential data.

Only available as a browser plugin

Fact 3: The free rate of Windscribe VPN can be used in the browser. However, this also means that only data transmitted directly there is protected. You are miles away from full protection, especially since the free tariff has no safety precautions. And the payment tariff also only provides protection against your ISP and data retention in your home country. If you value anonymity, you are not in good hands.

Hired server: Attention when choosing the VPN-Servers!

What you have to watch out for is the choice of yours VPN-Servers. WindScribe VPN does not use its own server, but uses rented ones. And they are owned by the respective host - in the respective country. So if you connect to a country that has strict data laws, you are guaranteed to be monitored and your data collected or even passed on to authorities by the hoster. You can verify for yourself whether a server is only rented: select the server of your choice, open and you can see who has registered the IP address. Unfortunately, since not every user knows where which legislation is in force, the risk of impairing their own privacy remains high. A "wrong" server is quickly selected.

WindScribe VPN Locations & encryption

Server locations are also at Windscribe VPN distributed across the globe. You can choose from 45 locations. The encryption of the fee-based service runs through the good OpenVPN, but not with the free tariff. Data connections lose security during transmissions.


In addition to the already mentioned good and bad properties, proxies also have an effect on the speed: up to 8 MB / s everything went according to the plan, that's what we discussed with our Windscribe VPN Test faced with extreme fluctuations. Because the proxy simply does not have enough resources to decrypt and encrypt SSL content faster.

Filesharing at Windscribe VPN prohibited by terms and conditions

An essential question for many VPN-User is the one suitable for streaming and data transfer. The second excludes Windscribe via terms and conditions. But that doesn't mean that it might not work on certain servers. Due to the data protection problems already mentioned, Torrent is also not recommended. The risk is too great to take on the risk of data being passed on inquiries to the authorities and even to be the victim of warnings.

Streaming not recommended because your real IP address is stored.

The same applies to streaming. This is possible, but not a good idea in both the free and premium tariffs. Windscribe VPN In the event of an accident, your data will be passed on by law - and yes, it has your data, namely your real IP address. In any case, you will find yourself with this. See also the further article “How do you recognize whether a VPN Stores log files? ”

WindScribe VPN Prices

The free rate of Windscribe VPN certainly does not meet the requirements of privacy affine users. The service is only a plugin and not available as a P2P. The data transfer is limited to 10 GB per month and you also have no access to all servers - only to:
  • Luxembourg
  • Canada
  • Germany
  • Hong Kong
  • France
  • United Kingdom
  • Netherlands
  • United States

In the premium segment Windscribe offers VPN 3 further tariffs on:

  • Monthly plan: $ 9.00 per month - 6 devices maximum, functions such as "static IP addresses" are available as paid add-ons
  • Annual plan: $ 4.08 per month (you save 55%) - 6 devices maximum, functions such as "static IP addresses" are available as paid add-ons
  • Individual plan: $ 1.00 per month for each server S usedWindScribe VPN Payment Methodsiting

And one more thing: if you pay by credit card, remember - Windscribe VPN is at home in Canada and legally required to store data. This also applies to credit card information.

WindScribe VPN Test conclusion

Like our Windscribe VPN Test shows that the provider has to struggle with disadvantages. In any case, you are not really completely secure and anonymous with this service. You might get warnings due to the data logging that Canada does. Why is the service so hyped anyway? Quite simply: We assume that the advertisers rub their hands over the 50% commission. Because Windscribe offers this VPN at all receipts.
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Created on: 09/05/2019

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