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The PureVPN Test result with all experiences, details and a fair evaluation.

VPNTester_Checkliste The VPN Provider from HongKong offers a huge VPN-Network, fast connections and is fully equipped. SmartDNS, proxies, software for every device and a good price. VPN Servers in 141 countries and impeccable speeds complete the offer. Although PureVPN is very cheap to have in the campaign period, it also offers a very good security for the protection of privacy. Although there is VPN-Service already almost 1million Customer has no negative entries or comments on the web, I also have to join the positive review!


I have tested many of the servers, all of them would hardly allow my schedule since PureVPN yes more than 500 VPNServer operates. Well, I could tell that the connections from Germany to the USA, South America and also the Eastern European region are very good, sometimes there were disconnections to Asia, especially early in the morning. Whether this is directly with PureVPN is difficult to judge. In general, however, the servers are all apparently easily accessible and also offer usable transmission performance for watching FullHD video streams.


The service uses several methods to keep the data connections “private”, ie L2TP, OpenVPN and for compatibility with many devices also PPTP (you don't need certificates, which you usually can't install on a router, for example) Ok, the measures correspond to the good standard of what I would recommend.


You can at PureVPN Pay anonymously and open your account with a valid email address, even if you provide incorrect information. The provider describes that he does not save any user activities and maintains them on the partly rented servers. Of course, we cannot check this, but I assume that a provider de rauch has no legal obligation to not do the effort to get data records from hundreds of countries to authorities, so it is realistic. However, as a precaution, you should not use servers in countries where authorities and secret services have full legal authority over personal data such as the USA, Great Britain, Canada, Germany, France, Australia, New Zealand, Japan ... the rest of the world is still considered safe 🙂 PureVPN therefore recommends and also to protect yourself not to use these countries for file sharing.

PureVPN Streaming Test (Video):

Results with PureVPN Application:

- Netflix (DE): ✔︎ Yes
- Amazon Video (DE): ✘ No.
- DAZN (DE): ✘ No.
- Maxdome (DE): ✔︎ Yes
- ARD (DE): ✘ No.
- ZDF (DE): ✘ No.
- SRF (CH): ✘ No.
- ORF (AT): ✔︎ Yes

Results with PureVPN on the router:

- Netflix (DE): ✔︎ Yes
- Amazon Video (DE): ✘ No.
- DAZN (DE): ✘ No.
- Maxdome (DE): ✔︎ Yes
- ARD (DE): ✔︎ Yes
- ARD media library: ✔︎ Yes
- ZDF (DE): ✔︎ Yes

PureVPN® »Experience, evaluation and alternatives 18

So with PureVPN German TV channels can also be used on the router. With the app or the PureVPN Applications are not.

Overall, PureVPN just a satisfactory result. It is doubtful that the service will be even better in the future and he just has problems to run video portals abroad and is often recognized and thus blocked.

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PureVPN There are also most providers in monthly rates. Included here are the unlimited access to all services (500 + VPN Servers in 141 countries, SmartDNS, proxies, etc.) with access for up to 5 devices at the same time!

  • 1 month currently $ 10.95

  • 1 year currently $ 39.96 ($ 3.33 / month)

  • 2 years currently $ 69.12 ($ 2.88 / month)

The VPN Tester rated.My Opinion

PureVPN has fast connections, offers good standard protection for privacy and even promises anonymity. To do this, access VPNServer in 141 countries and a great price! Well, hard not to recommend that, even if I use a different service for 100% anonymity, I have PureVPN for everything else (e.g. torrents, on smartphones and also for videos from the USA)

But you also have to say that it is the Pure for the current priceVPN offers, there are also really much better providers. eg. VyprVPN for only € 3.50 / month

Created on: 01/25/2016

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