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  • Easy to use
  • Fast server
  • High data security
  • Great customer service (live chat)
  • Extremely inexpensive!


  • Customer service only in English
Connections per account5
Tariff (1 month) 9.76 EUR
Tariff (12 months) 62.04 EUR (per month 5.17 EUR)
Tariff (24 months) 71.28 EUR (per month 2.97 EUR)
test options Refund warranty
video platforms Netflix , maxdome , zattoo (CH) , maxdome , Arte DE) , 3Sat (EN) , ORF (AT)

The PureVPN Test result with all experiences, details and a fair evaluation.

VPNTester_Checkliste The VPN Provider from HongKong offers a huge VPNNetwork, fast connections and is fully equipped. SmartDNS, proxies, software for every device and a good price. VPN Servers in 141 countries and tadllose speeds complete the offer. Although pureVPN In the period of action it is very cheap, it also offers a very good security for the protection of privacy. There are, though VPNService already almost 1Mio. Customer has to find no negative entries or comments on the web, also I have to join the positive review!


I have tested many of the servers, all would hardly allow my schedule because PureVPN yes more than 500 VPNServer operates. Well, I could see that the connections from Germany to the USA, South America and also the Eastern European area are very good, to Asia there were breaks especially in the early morning. Whether this directly with PureVPN is difficult to judge. Generally, however, the servers are all apparently very easy to reach and provide a useful transfer performance even to FullHD video streams to see.


The service uses several methods to keep the data connections "private", ie L2TP, OpenVPN and for compatibility with many devices also PPTP (Since you do not need certificates that you can not install on a router, for example) Ok, the measures correspond to the good standard of what I would recommend.


You can at PureVPN Pay anonymously and also create your account under false information with a valid e-mail address. The vendor describes that he does not store any user activity and maintains on the sometimes rented servers. Of course, we can not check this, but I assume that a supplier de smoke has no legal obligation to do so even the effort does not want to do hundreds of countries data sets to authorities from hundreds of countries, so it is realistic. However, as a precaution, servers should not be used in countries where government agencies and intelligence agencies have full legal power over personal information, such as US, UK, Canada, Germany, France, Australia, New Zealand, Japan ... the rest of the world is still considered safe 🙂 PureVPN therefore recommends and also to protect yourself, these countries do not use for file sharing.

PureVPN Streaming Test (Video):

Results with PureVPN Application:

- Netflix (DE): ✔︎ Yes
- Amazon Video (EN): ✘ no
- DAZN (DE): ✘ no
- Maxdome (DE): ✔︎ Yes
- ARD (DE): ✘ no
- ZDF (DE): ✘ no
- SRF (CH): ✘ no
- ORF (AT): ✔︎ Yes

Results with PureVPN on the router:

- Netflix (DE): ✔︎ Yes
- Amazon Video (EN): ✘ no
- DAZN (DE): ✘ no
- Maxdome (DE): ✔︎ Yes
- ARD (DE): ✔︎ Yes
- ARD Library: ✔︎ Yes
- ZDF (DE): ✔︎ Yes

So with PureVPN on the router you can also use German TV channels. With the app or the PureVPN Applications are not.

Overall, PureVPN only a satisfactory result. It is doubtful that the service will be even better in the future and he just has problems to run video portals abroad stable and is often recognized and thus blocked.

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PureVPN There are also most providers in monthly rates. Included here are the unlimited access to all services (500 + VPN Server in 141 countries, SmartDNS, proxies, etc.) with access for up to 5 devices simultaneously!

  • 1 month currently $ 10.95

  • 1 year currently $ 39.96 ($ 3.33 / month)

  • 2 years currently $ 69.12 ($ 2.88 / month)

The VPN Tester rated.My Opinion

PureVPN has fast connections, provides good standard privacy protection and even promises anonymity. To do this, access VPNServers in 141 countries and a hammer price! Well it's hard not to recommend, even if I personally use a different service for 100% anonymity then I have PureVPN for everything else (eg Torrents, on the smartphone and also for the videos from the USA)

But you have to say that it is the Pure for the current priceVPN offers, there are also really much better providers. eg. VyprVPN for just € 3.50 / month

Connections per account5
Tariff (1 month) 9.76 EUR
Tariff (12 months) 62.04 EUR (per month 5.17 EUR)
Tariff (24 months) 71.28 EUR (per month 2.97 EUR)
test options Refund warranty
video platforms Netflix , maxdome , zattoo (CH) , maxdome , Arte DE) , 3Sat (EN) , ORF (AT)

Created on:01/25/2016

6's thoughts on "PureVPN® »Experience, Evaluation and Alternatives»

  1. Beware: If you want to surf anonymously PureVPN do not use.
    True, Pure advertisesVPN so that no logfiles are kept. But that's a vain promise because server capacity is rented and run by Google or other major US companies, for example. Extremely unlikely that nothing is logged. Man test with http://www.DNSleaktest.com.
    And the free trial is a blatant lie. I quit 2 days after the signing of the contract, I responded to 20 emails in the following weeks - but did not get the money back.
    Conclusion: Stay away.

    • Hello, thanks for your message.
      Many providers have rented servers, which is not a problem per se.
      The important thing is that the provider encrypted the data to the server and no conclusions can be made directly on the server on the identity of the user. I have checked that this is not possible.

      The DNSLeaktest only tells you which DNS server you use to access web pages. In any case, you should always change the DNS server as well, PureVPN offers a custom setting to do this automatically.

      Can you tell me your username (send to my email: contact // (a) // vpntester.de), then I ask PureVPN after, because I have also tested it myself and get back the money after 7 days. Write the operator via LiveChat, did you do that?

  2. Geschwindigkeit






    Customer Service


    Ease of use


    Hello Markus,

    You should already correct or supplement your report.
    - slow access on the Internet (solved with Node 4.4.4)
    - no access via federal Trojan possible
    - very simple software installation
    – VPN Protection for DS-Lite IPv6 ports.

    The tracking and advertising functions are controlled by Ghostery and Ad Block
    more selective and thus better solved.
    Cookies are deleted by programs such as Service Task Manager and
    CC Cleaner performed better.
    The concept of Steganos is to execute functions with just a few clicks.
    Who extensive VPN Searching for solutions is out of place with this provider.


    • Hello.
      Thank you, I will soon make the provider again.
      Unfortunately, this does not correspond to the Federal Trojan horse VPNProvider or else no software of the truth, because these are simply not recognized.

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