E-Mail Use anonymously

With encrypted e-mails, it is also possible for others to log the sender and the recipient and to create communication profiles based on the collected data. Data retention and the subsequent international ESTI standards for intelligence services and law enforcement prosecutors for automated evaluation show that this non-encryptable information is meaningful. Just who is in contact with whom and how much shows the personality of people and their habits.

I would like to point out a few types of secure and secure communication. Alone, that there are these possibilities, suggests that even "evil terrorists" would probably not go into the Vorratsdatenfalle in planning your crimes! That's why many people generally reject data retention.

Anonymous Email Accounts

As an e-mail provider you can take a reliable provider on the web. In addition, I2P and Tor offer special solutions:

Notice: Information about long-term communication can deanonymise a pseudonym. Based on the friends in the e-mail communication conclusions on their real identity are possible. If you need a really anonymous email account for a specific task - eg whistleblowing - then you need to create a new account. Delete the account as soon as you do not need it anymore.

Use private messages in forums

Many discussion forums on the Internet offer the possibility to send private messages between the members. The messages are stored in the database of the forum and not sent by e-mail through the network.

A nasty group of very common terrorists could sign up in a forum whose content does not interest them at all. There, they exchange the messages via PM (Private Message) and nobody notices the communication. It is advantageous if the forum is completely usable via HTTPS and offers not only when logging HTTPS.

The news you can with Encrypt OpenPGPso that the admin of the forum can not read anything. The usage of anonymizing services ensures anonymity.


To make the assignment of sender and receiver more difficult, you can use the Usenet. In the newsgroup alt.anonymous.messages a lot of news is posted and it has thousands of readers. Each reader recognizes the messages intended for him. It is a kind of black board.

It makes sense to encrypt the posted messages. To do this, the recipient should provide an OpenPGP key that does not provide information about his identity. Normally, an OpenPGP key contains the e-mail address of the owner. Using such a key, the recipient is naturally deanomynisated.

In addition, one should not publish his answers directly in response to a posting. Since the sender is generally known (if no remailers were used), a connection of the communication partners can be determined from the sender of a thread belonging together.

Mixmaster remailers

Sending a Remailer cascade message is like sending a letter in multiple envelopes. Each recipient within the cascade opens an envelope and resends the letter contained therein without any indication of the previous sender. The last remailer of the cascade delivers the letter to the recipient.

Mixmaster Remailer

Technically, this principle is realized by means of asymmetric encryption. The sender selects from the list of available remailers distributed worldwide n different computers, encrypts the e-mail several times with the public keys of the remailers in the sequence of their passage and sends the result to the first computer of the cascade. He decrypts the first envelope with his secret key, takes the result of the address of the following computer and sends the now (n-1) -fold encrypted e-mail to this computer. The last remailer of the cascade sends the mail to the recipient.

A third party can only record that the recipient has received an e-mail of unknown origin and possibly unknown content (encrypted with OpenPGP or S / MIME). It is also possible to post posts for news groups anonymously.

To complicate the traffic analysis, the forwarding of each e-mail within the cascade is delayed. It can therefore take 2 ... 12h before the mail is delivered! If the last remailer of the chain can not deliver the message (eg due to a spelling error in the address), the sender does not receive an error message. The sender is not known.

NOTE: For large e-mail providers, the anonymous emails from the Mixmaster network are often categorized as spam. It is therefore not certain that the recipient really takes note of the mail! Often users complain to me that their test emails do not arrive at their own account, because they also do not look into the spam folder.

IMPORTANT: because the e-mail does not contain any information about the sender, the button works"Reply" the mail client on the receiver side does not make sense! The reply mail then goes to the last remailer of the chain, who throws it in the bin. The text of the e-mail should contain a corresponding note!

Software for sending anonymous emails via Mixmaster:

  • For Windows, there are Quicksilver
  • There is for Linux "Mixmaster", The package is included in all distributions.
  • If you do not want to deal with the complicated configuration, you can use a live CD. The JonDo Live CD contains mixmaster, A Guide to the sender of an anonymous e-mail can be found in the online help for the live CD.

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