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The topic of money transfer and privacy is a very extensive one. The Federal Government is working on a concept that, under the guise of money laundering prevention, should also eliminate all anonymous payment options. So far, however, there are exemption limits, which you can up to 100 Euro monthly without giving names to recharge them. Some payment systems are still excluded from this (Bitcoin) as these are not considered as a substitute for money (so it is not paid in euros or dollars, but just in a separate currency)

Many concepts for online payments are currently available on the Internet. I would like to introduce some of them here:


The most well-known payment service provider on the Internet is undoubtedly, The company was founded by Peter Thiel, who among other things built up the data collector, as one of the main investors significantly influenced the development of Facebook and Ebay and belongs to the Steering Committee of the Bilderberg conferences. The credo of P. Thiel is a total personalization of the Internet.

The use of is the opposite of anonymous. For every payment transaction, a link is created between personal data (e-mail address, account details) and purchased goods. The data will be transmitted to more than 100 companies for the purpose of monitoring money transfers. uses its market position to enforce US political interests. International attention caused the blocking of the accounts of Wikileaks and many other companies or z.Bsp. the inhabitant of the Russian peninsula Crimea.

Because of this political instrumentalization has Anonymous to boycott and appeals to users to terminate their accounts with this payment service.

Notice: Tor Onion Router can not be used as an anonymization service for checks the user's location based on the IP address and locks the account if something strange happens. If you log in, for example, with a German IP address and 10min later wants to access the account with an American IP address, then goes from a hacker attack and locks the account. With a VPN access from the VPN provider that we also tested, there are no problems if you always use the same VPN server in the same country.



paysafecard originated from a research project of the EU. In many shops or gas stations you can buy coupon codes. The Paysafecard website offers a perimeter search for outlets. Usually you can buy the coupon codes directly at the cash register. These codes can be used anonymously like cash on the Web for payment (if the merchant accepts PSC).

When paying, you will be redirected from the merchant's website to the paysafecard website. There you enter the purchased code and the dealer receives the information that the payment has been made. It is not necessary but recommended that you can show a coupon code exactly with the required amount. You can only redeem a partial amount of a voucher. The balance is retained and can be used later or requested back.

  • Note 1: A paysafecard is 12 months valid without restriction. Thereafter 2 Euro will be deducted from the balance for each additional month. So it makes sense to buy smaller balances when needed.
  • Note 2: after practical experiences of users, the sellers in the supermarket, petrol stations and the like. not always informed about the offered possibility of selling paysafecard vouchers. Staying persistent and the seller helps point out the paysafecard symbol in the cash register GUI.
  • Note 3: Increased security in April 2012 often results in blocked coupons when the coupons are used or interrogated by different IP addresses. Questions about paysafecard's support on how to prevent the voucher codes from being blocked have not been answered. If a voucher has been blocked, you will need to contact paysafecard's support via e-mail and receive a replacement voucher against submission of a copy of the voucher code. Payment of the codes and refund of the funds is possible upon presentation of identification documents.
  • Note 4: Due to the law against money laundering paysafecard is forced to restrict the anonymity of the means of payment. German users should (but do not have) on the website under My paysafecard create an account and can charge this account with coupon codes. If you want to spend more than 100, - € per month, you have to identify yourself with identity documents. Problems with locked vouchers should not exist then.
  • Note 5: A use of multiple vouchers (with residual amounts?) For a payment process is again partially possible! For payments up to 30 € up to three vouchers can be combined. Matching paysafecards are not always available, there are only vouchers for 10, 15, 20, 25, 30, 50 or 100 Euro.Im Bitcoin Shop of JonDos GmbH As a JonDonym user, you can buy Bitcoins for the remaining amounts (if available) and continue to use anonymously if you use the Hints on the anonymity of Bitcoin respected.



is a digital peer 2 peer currency with no centralized management. It is independent of the monetary policy of a central bank and evolves market-driven by the activities of participants who accept or use Bitcoin as a means of payment.

The roots of the economic theory of this virtual currency lie in the "Austrian school of economics"published by the economist Eugen v. Böhm-Bawerk, Ludwig Mises and Friedrich A. Hayek.

Currently, Bitcoin is the most popular currency converter based on the concepts of "Austrian school of economics", The software mainly solves two problems with cryptographic methods:

  1. Copying and multiple use of the bits and bytes representing a coin is not possible within the network.
  2. In addition, the total amount of coins available is limited.

Building on this, Bitcoin can be used as a payment method.

  • Bitcoins can be swapped back and forth in real currencies. The market value of Bitcoins when exchanging for real currencies (eg Euro) results exclusively from the market. He is not centrally controlled or manipulated.
  • The payments can be processed relatively quickly on the PC. It usually only takes 1-2h until the Bitcoin network has sufficiently confirmed a transaction.
  • In addition, Bitcoin has built-in inflation protection. New bitcoins are generated according to a fixed scheme and the total number is limited.

Many services in the network accept bitcoins as payment. An overview can be found in Bitcoin Wiki, You can pay for music, e-books, some hotels, travel, clothing, web and mail hosting or anonymization services / VPN providers with Bitcoins. The course is determined by each provider. It may happen that the provider deviates from the average exchange rate. Fast, easy payment for web services that respect their customers' privacy is, for me, the main application of Bitcoin. It's handy if you always have a few bitcoins in your wallet and can pay easily.

To pay with bitcoins, you need a few bitcoins yourself. This one can be on different marketplaces buy against real currency or you offer even services against Bitcoins as payment. The marketplaces serve only to initiate the transactions "Money against Bitcoin", The exchange of real money usually takes place directly between the participants. Then the seller confirms the receipt of the real money, the bitcoins are released and transferred to the buyer. The procedure may take 1-2 days, depending on the payment method, that should be planned.

Usually, the marketplaces / exchangers on the web manage the purchased bitcoins for users. This simplifies the use of Bitcoin as a means of payment, as no installation of software is necessary. The acquired bitcoins can also be transferred to your own PC and managed locally. This requires a Bitcoin client to be installed.



The credit card is an inappropriate method of payment on the internet. It allows you to track all purchases on the web and link to purchases in the real world. In addition, the credit card can be compromised by data losses at the online retailer. In Carder forums You can buy these credit card numbers for 3-10 Euro.

Even in stores, the use of credit cards can be a risk. The biggest raids were with hacked card terminals. You can also use PINs:

Anonymous prepaid credit card


An alternative is prepaid credit cards. At petrol stations etc. you can get prepaid cards from to buy. The card costs about 10 Euro and can be charged up to 100, - Euro with cash on purchase. So you pay 10% Security Bonus.

The prepaid card must then be activated on the Internet. A code is sent by SMS to a mobile phone number that is to be entered on the website. Anonymity depends on whether you use an anonymous prepaid phone.

You do not always need the big, right anonymity. When I buy an SSL certificate for the web server, it is more or less clear who is behind it. Comparable application examples can certainly be found easily for the reader.

With a prepaid card you can create an anonymous PayPal account with fictitious data. This opens up possibilities for the anonymous use of commercial offers on the Internet such as Wuala or Silent Circle, which only offer payment via

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