Perfect Privacy VPN set up on ASUS router - how it works!

A router directly with a VPNBeing able to connect service has many advantages. All devices connected to it are automatically protected as well as SmartTV or AppleTV devices are thus reliably protected. Of course, this is also an advantage if you also protect your children or network users.

In my previous post on this topic I have explained which Possibilities for VPN on the router there is. In the following report I show the simple setup of a VPN Services using the example of Perfect Privacy VPN on an ASUS router. You can find the list of compatible ASUS routers in the article "VPN Router for VPN"In the text below. And as always with questions just contact me.

Perfect privacy or account VPN Configure on an ASUS router:

(Click on the picture and follow the instructions)

UPDATE for instructions:
Please invite the OVPN Files of Perfect-Privacy HERE (Buttons)

These were specifically optimized for ASUS:

link: OpenVPN Configurations for ASUSWRT

Perfect-Privacy Open data-lazy-srcset =
VPN Configurations for ASUSWRT "width =" 576 "height =" 1814 "> Perfect-Privacy Open>VPN Configurations for ASUSWRT

Notice: You have to do that on the Perfect Privacy VPN Website have an active access to load these files!

Instructions: Perfect Privacy "OpenVPN"On the ASUS router. "Step by step"

The Perfect Privacy VPN Review can gladly give you more information about the Properties and rating of Perfect Privacy VPN.

If you have any questions, I am happy to assist you in my live chat:
Perfect Privacy VPN set up on ASUS router - how it works! 1

Created on:06/18/2016

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