Instructions: Perfect Privacy with ASUSWRT by Merlin

ASUS routers are excellently suited to already without modifications VPNConnections too VPNServers. Another step is a modification of the original operating system ASUSWRT through the modification of “Merlin”VPN Connections including the routing rules taken over by Tomato by Shibby.

Advantages of the ASUSWRT by Merlin version compared to the original version are:

  • Changed openVPN use
  • Individual routing configurations for VPN are possible
    (Who can over which VPN Go online and who can not? What happens if VPNConnection is gone?)
  • Extended traffic monitor (clearer and with more information on statistics per device and also application)

Ok, everything sounds complicated, but it is not really. The instructions how to Perfect Privacy VPN with a standard ASUS router we also used. Of the Review of Perfect Privacy with a lot of information is also available. If you like PP too Try it for free you would like to contact me.

Instructions for installing “ASUSWRT by Merlin” on ASUS routers

You should already own an ASUS router with the standard operating system ASUSWRT.

  1. The operating system ASUSWRT-Merlin is HERE available. It can be used on many ASUSWRT routers.
  2. The installation is done by simply using the corresponding file via the firmware update. At the end of the normal update process, the router then has this modified operating system. Data and configurations should be backed up beforehand, but they are usually also simply adopted.

video Tutorial

Instructions: Perfect Privacy with ASUSWRT by Merlin 1

Instructions for installing Perfect-Privacy VPN on “ASUSWRT by Merlin”

The integration of OpenVPN is different than the original and seems more complicated. The PP OpenVPN Configuration files take over the most important part of the configuration independently.

  1. After an openVPN If you want to create a connection and have come to the right page, you can select the predefined area (Client 1, Client 2, Client 3, Client 4, Client 5). These predefined storage locations can be used with different VPNConnections are occupied.
  2. Get the right openVPN Configuration file from Perfect-Privacy VPN.
    For this you choose the OpenVPN Configurations of here.
    You can choose individual servers, servers as a group and in UDP or as TCP. All versions will work with the ASUS router. (UDP may be blocked by some ISPs, but has shorter ping times. But that should be known.) From the PP side use router (legacy) files with CPC encryption.
  3. Invite the OVPNConfiguration high.
  4. Then your view is renewed and the basic configurations have been set. Actually you only need to enter “Username & Password” and you could already use
  5. Service state: connect / disconnect ON / OFF

If you get a CONFIG error:

Then you may have to make an IPv6 entry, this is how it works:

Instructions: Perfect Privacy with ASUSWRT by Merlin 2

Optimize speed

NAT acceleration should be turned off for performance reasons

Instructions: Perfect Privacy with ASUSWRT by Merlin 3

Further settings (DNS server + rules for the VPN Use)

Would you also like to configure that the DNS servers are specifically assigned by Perfect-Privacy and also determine which devices from your network via VPN or on VPN you should make the following settings:

Perfect Privacy VPN on ASUSWRT by Merlin
Perfect Privacy VPN on ASUSWRT by Merlin

Two perfect privacy VPNConnections at the same time on an ASUS router!

You can also choose two different ones VPN Configure the server and use it to route individual devices separately. At the same time! This has the advantage that the device 1 VPN-Connection 1 uses while device 2 uses the VPN Connection 2 uses and device 3 e.g. directly WITHOUT VPN is directed.

I will show you how to do this using an example “two VPN Use connections at the same time:

  1. Just create a second connection (Client 1-5) and start it.
    In the overview you can make sure that both are running properly. (Important if you have already entered routing for the same devices here, then there will be an IP conflict! So do not route devices beforehand, or make sure that you do not have a device via VPN 1 and VPN want to be routed at the same time!)
Perfect Privacy VPN on ASUSWRT by Merlin
Perfect Privacy VPN on ASUSWRT by Merlin

2. Define the rules for the use / routing of the devices (policy rules)!

Again: If you want to run the same device over two connections, that won't work!

Perfect Privacy VPN on ASUSWRT by Merlin
Perfect Privacy VPN on ASUSWRT by Merlin

Perfect Privacy VPN on ASUSWRT by Merlin
Perfect Privacy VPN on ASUSWRT by Merlin


  • Use of more than two VPN Connections mostly lead to IP address conflicts!
  • All devices that you do not route / (in my example) are directly WITHOUT VPN be connected!

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