What is a “DNS leak” and how can I protect myself?

What does DNS mean?

DOMain Nsoul Server. All internet users use DNS. Every device worldwide has its own precise IP address. (Example: Without the IP, communication between the devices would not be possible. For this reason, websites also have their own IP addresses, which theoretically could also be used to reach them. (Example: But since it is much easier to remember a domain name instead of a long number, names such as www.vpntester.de are used. In order to be able to establish a connection between the domain name and the IP address, you need DNS services / servers. So every time you visit a website, a DNS service is asked for the destination IP address.

What do DNS services store?

Logging the data
Logging the data

A DNS service can record the time, the user address, the destination page, the country of the user and much more. So you can create a pretty accurate motion profile across individual users.

DNS vulnerability
DNS vulnerability

What is a DNS leak?

A DNS leak is a problem for user privacy. The DNS request is routed to your own Internet provider instead of being sent through the VPNTunnel and its own DNS servers. This means that at the time of the leak, you can no longer be anonymous on the Internet. You can check whether you have a DNS leak at the moment on “dnsleaktest.com" testing. With some VPNThis can happen quickly. However, one can say for sure that the provider Surfshark protects against a DNS leak.

Surfshark protects against a DNS leak

Every server of Surfshark has its own private DNS and includes DNS leak protection. With Surfshark you're really safe on the internet, I've never had a DNS leak while I'm with Surfshark was connected. The service offers numerous functions that are extremely useful in any case and guarantee anonymity. Examples of this are the kill switch, an integrated ad blocker, white list and the connection of a user account with an unlimited number of devices.

At Surfshark the logging looks like this:

No logging
No logging

Surfshark not only protects against a DNS leak ... it has many advantages 😉

With Surfshark you can save properly

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Created on: 10/30/2019

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