Which VPN use for free? Compare all providers that offer this.

Which free VPN should one use?

Many of my readers want one VPN Test for free and do not intend to give your payment details to them.

"Free VPN“For testing & permanent use.
"Free VPN“For testing & permanent use.

Most of the test offers from VPN however, are designed so that you first buy an account and then within a period of days can cancel this free of charge. Permanently free VPNs are rare and mostly result in significant security problems or can only be used with restrictions. This makes the selection very difficult. Many therefore resort to obscure solutions, which can later turn out to be serious mistakes.

In order to be able to use a service, registration and payment are usually required.

But if you do not have a credit card, it is difficult and you have to do without it. But I have not made this topic easy and therefore hundreds VPNServices viewed and compared. In the following article, I therefore describe the summary of the best free VPN Services or ways to use the Internet safely and free of charge.

FREE VPN Services list




WindScribe Usable free of charge in the extensions for browsers with Windows and macOS, for up to 10GB data volume per month. Windscribe for free
VPNbook Free servers in Germany, USA, Singapore whose user data change regularly. Can be used with free openVPN Software on all devices. VPNbook
Shell Fire VPN Servers in the USA and Germany can be used free of charge with all devices and free software / apps, without data limitation. Maximum 1.024kbit / s speed. Shell Fire VPN
SaferVPN 24h free to use for testing without specifying payment details. All servers, apps and no limitations. SaferVPN
ProtonVPN Swiss providers with servers in some countries, permanently free of charge and without data limitations. Can be used with your own apps / software on Android, iOS, Windows and macOS ProtonVPN
SecureVPN Provider from the USA that offers a free tariff for the use of all locations and applications for all devices. With the restriction of 1 gigabyte of data per month. SecureVPN
TOR Browser Community-funded, permanently free service practice your own TOR / Orbot browser and usable on Windows, Android and macOS. TOR (Onion)
Trust.Zone VPN Free 3 daily access to all sites and applications limited to 1 gigabytes of data. Trust.Zone
Perfect Privacy VPN Swiss provider with the highest security of all VPN Services. 3 days unlimited and free to use with a one-time coupon. Request a coupon!

FREE VPN are blocked during streaming

Who a free VPN If you want to use streaming for example Netflix or other portals like zdf.de abroad, you will be out of luck. The free VPN all are consistently blocked on the video platforms (such as Netflix, DAZN, Amazon Prime Video, Sky and TV channels)!

VyprVPN is not blocked and enables video portals to be viewed abroad

Netflix, Amazon, Sky, DAZN, Eurosport with VyprVPN
Netflix, Amazon, Sky, DAZN, Eurosport with VyprVPN

VyprVPN Review

Why not all VPN to offer a free test!

The VPN Providers are faced with the decision whether they agree to a free test or not.

  1. It should be noted that services that can be used free of charge are generally used by many Downloadbe used. However, if thousands of non-paying users transfer their data to the servers, this will also slow down. The service must therefore properly expand its network. That of course costs money and resources.
  2. The other way is to offer free tariffs with their own servers for these users. The free users then remain among themselves and usually end up struggling with limited resources. Of course, this does not shed any good light on the overall service if its connections are slow and potentially paying customers may also be deterred.
  3. A sometimes used way is to simply restrict free users from their maximum bandwidths. But this requires these possibilities in the entire system, which many VPN Reject service, as this may also be accompanied by a logging of users.

Problems with copyright problematic usage for free users.

Furthermore, there are of course also the problems that can arise from a use that may also be problematic under copyright law. The services can lose the rented servers at hosting companies due to massive copyright infringements. This is a risk that they always have, even with paid customers, but the effort that arises there is usually worthwhile and has already been included in the prices.

For users, this means that the IP addresses of the VPN- Servers, which they share with the illegal actions of others, are often listed on spam lists or forbidden lists and thus the usage options are additionally restricted. Many services also block users of such IP addresses permanently, and users often lose their email accounts or have to carry out manual verification to obtain them.

VPN with free trial period

VPN Services that allow users a limited free trial period without providing payment details!

There are also some providers who offer a free test for users who register, limited to a few days. These often only require an email address for authentication. Of course, there are also many users who take advantage of this and then try again with new email addresses VPN Sign in. The services accept this for a limited period of time. After a while, however, the possibilities of use are usually additionally restricted.

For example, offers Trust.Zone VPN an 3 day test, which was additionally limited to a maximum of 1 gigabyte of data volume. However, the service can be used without restrictions and you can also use the server, which is also used by paying users.

Another example is the possibility with SaferVPN. The service has actually stopped the free trial period and the links to register have also completely disappeared on its page. But since I checked our archives, I was able to link to the page: SaferVPN Try it for free still find. There are no restrictions, with the exception that the service can only be used for 24 hours.

VPN with advertising, free VPN? use

Services that are financed by advertising and offer free access

The method or expectation that one VPN Service would also be available free of charge if you received advertising in return for it, but has a significant disadvantage. Because the VPN Service is in itself able to examine user data intensively. It is therefore obvious that this data is also used to place advertisements or to adapt them to the needs of the users. Along with this, however, fundamental data protection concerns will be raised.

The option to be shown a little advertising may therefore be tempting for many, but thought through to the end, users provide personal data that can also lead to their own identification and even data theft. A good part of the known Username / Password Leaks these methods can be traced on the Internet.

So who a free VPN used, which is supposedly financed by advertisements, underestimates the risk that he takes it quite clearly!

A service that has been producing negative headlines for years and that I've already warned about several times before VPNbook.com .

A provider that offers access to the USA and also to German locations via its website. The user is advised that the service is financed by advertising and a weekly change of password encourages them to visit the site regularly. That this strategy is logically understandable, but no or very little advertising is placed there, but has not led to the service being discontinued. However, the actual business model can be data transfer to third parties.

FREE VPN without company data

Another fairly obvious circumstance is that many of the providers have free access to their own VPN Promise service, do not publish any imprint or comprehensible contact details. Despite a huge number of offers, especially as Android apps, these are usually only a handful of companies that offer these services. However, these companies behind the brand names are also known for their excessive data collections.

Free-VPN Apps on the Google Playstore

Just because an app does no damage itself and is therefore also listed in the Playstore at Google, it does not mean that the data that is then passed on via server is not corrupted at these points. Google already has hundreds of these freeVPN Apps are banned from the app store, but new ones are constantly being registered and these are usually quite inconspicuous even for months. However, there is no guarantee that it will not make you a victim of identity theft through use.

Permanently free VPN Prices

VPN that you can use for free on certain devices.

Another method of the providers is to limit the use for tests to certain devices or the use of certain applications. The service can then mostly be used with a restricted location selection on a certain device without further restrictions. Users are also not asked for payment details.

However, these services are very suitable for a specific application VPN to be able to use without having to buy one. This applies, for example, to use in restrictive countries or to easily circumvent local geographic blocking of content.

The VPN "Windscribe" offers such a model for testing or permanent use, this is limited to the fact that you have to use the extensions in the browsers. The location selection is only a little bit restricted and only 10 gigabytes per month as data volume is possible. For a short-term avoidance of a local block, this is usually enough.

My list of free ones VPN Services!

So I want some VPN List services, all of which can be used free of charge. Many of them even permanently.

None of the following providers require the provision of personal data or credit card details and none of these services have to be terminated separately.

These services can therefore be used without risk!

Frequently asked questions, help and answers

Which free VPN Provider is the right one?

You should be aware that there are never free offers that do not have disadvantages when compared to premium tariffs. This fact ensures that you should take good care of which services you simply install and use on your device. Not all of them have good intentions and if in doubt, you should leave it alone. But not everyone with a fee VPN is the right one.

My tips for VPN Selection:

    1. Try to raise your needs as best you can. So lay down what you want to achieve with it if you want the VPN will use.
    2. Determine which requirements you have therefore to the service. So I mean the specific technical requirements, because the websites of the providers always promise everything!
    3. Search for information about the service on the Internet or use mine Reviews for inquiring about it.
    4. Use one VPN-Search which gives you results according to technical requirements.
    5. They um, whether you also appropriate test offers of the found and appropriate VPN find. Or if in doubt, if it should be a specific one, simply choose the path and buy this service. With the money-back guarantees, you do not take any further risks with reputable providers.

Is there also free VPN Software?

A VPN Service consists of the service provided that you VPNServers in different locations. The required software and applications will usually be made available to you free of charge. You can then use these services on different devices.

A pure free VPN Software but without usable VPN server does not exist.

The operation of the servers on the Internet, which are necessary for it is also more complex and expensive, the more users use this service. Therefore, a VPN Provider does not accept unlimited users without payment.

Are FREE proxy an alternative?

No. A proxy is a proxy that transmits data on behalf of the client. Therefore, a FREE proxy service sees all data, including the encrypted one. He can view, manipulate and log them. In addition, an estimated 9 out of 10 free proxy available on the Internet are used to steal user data from users. In many cases, the computers running this proxy have been hacked themselves.

Are there any free VPN for FireTV?

The popular one Streaming FireTV Stick from Amazon can do a lot and is therefore also popular for streaming videos. The demand for free VPN for streaming is therefore enormous. However, they are not free VPN available for FireTV devices. But there are good and very inexpensive providers like Surfshark VPN which are also very fast and available on Amazon devices. You have to buy the service in advance on the website of the provider.

Can you get free VPN use for torrent?

Torrent or exchange exchanges mean that countless data packets will migrate via the network interface of a device. In addition, the own device connects to Nodes, which also give other torrent users the opportunity to access their own device. This technology involves many risks, which are also shown in copyright warnings. Therefore, I do not recommend using a half-hearted or possibly limited service for this. To be really protected, torrent users should pay attention to maximum security and bandwidth and should therefore opt for premium providers. FREE VPN torrent is therefore not recommended.

Streaming with free VPN, Is that safe?

With most streaming applications, you can also travel more safely with free offers. In contrast to torrent use, streaming is about purely copyright matters and also security aspects that will play a role here. With some free services, however, you can protect yourself accordingly and adequately. You can only find out whether the speed and usability are given on your own device by trying it out.

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