Prevent & block tracking and monitoring through websites!

Companies and website operators track our activities on the Internet.

Most websites also have tracking codes, i.e. small programming lines, which are used on the one hand to statistically record visitors and their behavior. However, unique identification features of website visitors are also saved. Even if they are not always accessible to website operators (for data protection reasons), they are available to companies that generate the trackers or statistics. e.g. Google Analytics.

But it is very easy to block these codes (SCRIPT):

  1. Block directly in your own browser
  2. Use a proxy server that filters out this content

I clearly recommend the first way!

There are very simple tools that allow you to block all tracking codes and advertisements when you visit websites. If these codes are not called up, the visitor does not appear in the statistics and cannot be followed. Clearly, there will then be no more advertising on the websites, since the advertising will only be shown if it can be statistically recorded. Because this is done on your own device in the browser, you also have control over it and can consciously allow individual codes on individual websites.

The browser extensions of Ghostery are recommended!

There are on the Website of Ghostery Extensions for all common browsers, completely free of charge. There are even the most important mobile operating systems with free apps, such as Android, Apple iOS or Firefox for Android. With Ghostery, advertisements and tracking codes can be blocked before they are loaded, which means that they remain invisible to the statistics operator and the advertising industry.

Ghostery browser extensionGhostery browser extension

Why a proxy server can pose a threat to privacy!

Because one Using a proxy server can be very risky. Proxy servers and their operators can thus not only recognize all content that is carried about them (even SSL-encrypted websites can be decrypted without transparency for the users), but also create and save extensive statistics and records of all user activities! It is also possible to consciously manipulate data that is received or sent! So if you can't trust the provider of the proxy service to 101%, then you should never do it!

There are also VPN- Providers who promise to block tracking codes as well as advertising on websites. “CyberGhost VPN”Offers this service. At first glance, this also looks like a convenient and complete solution.

In fact, it also has advantages in daily use on multiple devices. Sure, you just don't have to worry about it, neither on the PC nor on the smartphone and it reduces the likelihood of being tracked by these “trackers”.

The problem I have with VPNProvider Tracking Blocker is see:

  1. You have no control over what is actually blocked. As a result, unpleasant trackers can still be loaded on the one hand and this cannot be recognized
  2. and further, you can not turn it off selectively, which may cause problems viewing or using web pages
  3. And the privacy advantage over your own VPN-Vendor is also restricted by the use of proxy servers, theoretically, he can view, manipulate and save all my activities. And there is no limitless trust.

TIP: I clearly prefer the method of being able to choose what I see or block. I don't want one either VPN-Use providers who could use proxy servers to record or even manipulate my data.

Created on: 02/23/2016

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