Help & advice. We want to be in direct contact with our readers.

Please understand since this site is not operated professionally or commercially, We also no commitments for online availability can give. Nevertheless, many readers confirm every day that our response times are better than with many fee-based providers! Therefore, just contact us with any questions and we will endeavor to answer them as soon as possible.

Markus Hanf
Markus Hanf

Nothing is more valuable than a personal contact.

“I and my colleagues strive to be personally accessible to you at all times. The easiest way to solve all unclear things is in a direct conversation. There are no easy questions either, but we strive to answer clearly and comprehensively. ”

Direct way: Chat with us directly.

You can usually reach us via LiveChat! (Shown on the bottom right)

If we are not ONLINE: Leave us a message.

If we are currently offline, you can also leave us a message here at any time. We will answer them as soon as possible.

For complex questions: also available by phone.

In more complex cases we are happy to assist you by phone. However, since we cannot have a 24-hour telephone service (private project with free service, no commercial interest), we ask that you notify us in advance or make an appointment.

The ways you can reach us:

Contact 1

Direct contact in live chat (direct)

More than 15.000 readers have already reached me directly in the chat. This communication channel integrated directly on the page enables quick advice and help without leaving the page!

Directly to
Live chat
Contact 2

Contact via “Whatsapp”

You can also reach us via Whatsapp, however I am not using Whatsapp on my main device due to data protection reasons, Therefore, please do not expect immediate answers.

via Whatsapp
Contact 3 NEWS “Channel”

With our news channel, we provide you with current information or news, but also make sure that you do not just vollzutexten. So there is a maximum of one relevant message per day and a maximum of 5 messages per week. You can always sign up and unsubscribe.

NEWS channel
Contact 4 “group”

Discuss a topic in the group and ask others directly and directly for advice. This moderated group is here for this. Spammers don't stand a chance because we will block them easily and permanently.

Groups invitation
Contact 5

Markus at (Direct)

I also have my own Telegram access. You can reach me directly via @vpntester and you can also speak to me directly.

Markus Hanf
at telegram
Contact 6

Our Facebook page “News”

For Facebook users who want to follow our new articles, our Facebook page is available.
Please note that we will not be available for questions every day.

on Facebook
Contact 7

Our page “News + Direct” is a sensible replacement for the already overloaded Facebook and is also available in German. That is why we have a presence here and also offer help via this portal.

Available 24 hours
Contact 8

Direct contact via e-mail (direct)

So far, more than 18.000 e-mails from my readers have been answered, especially when I am not available in the chat. I am happy about every message in this way and will answer within 24h guaranteed.


Contact 9

Telephone availability (appointment)

In many cases it makes sense to communicate directly over the phone, but I would like to make an appointment in advance, for example by email. My phone is not operated by a call center, which is why I cannot always pick up.

+ 49-40-22861140✆ Austria:
+ 43-1-3649234