Avast SecureLine VPN Test: Low anonymity, but surprising strengths

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  • Not blocked by Netflix
  • File sharing & streaming possible on most servers
  • Fast server
  • Easy to use


  • Prices relatively high, since a separate license is required for each device
  • Anonymity is not sufficient - just a simple concealment of the IP address
  • No port forwarding
  • No TOR / Onion connection

Avast VPN

Avast SecureLine VPN is just a small member of the large Avast families with all kinds of security solutions VPN therefore better? Or worse? We took a closer look at the service in our Avast SecureLine test and found both weaknesses and surprising strengths.

As an add-on to Avast's comprehensive portfolio, Avast SecureLine VPN Although it has been available for years, it was not actually intended as a single solution. It is intended to complement other Avast security solutions. It looks correspondingly bad with its own security features VPNs out. The IP address is simply concealed, but maximum anonymity is not guaranteed.

1. Introducing Avast Secureline VPN

Our conclusion on Avast Secureline VPN

Avast SecueLine VPN receives only a limited OK after our test. If you already use Avast software and not many devices with one VPN want to protect, the service is worth considering. Otherwise you get much more services, different protocols and servers at lower prices from other providers. What Avast SecureLine is for VPN Bypassing geographic locks is very suitable. Not only can you use German TV channels abroad, but you can even access Netflix, Amazon etc. This is no longer possible with many services today because of the portals VPNs recognize and block.

2. About the company

3. Prices & tariffs

The need for multiple licenses for individual devices means that the costs for Avast SecureLine are above average. The service is primarily intended for existing Avast customers who want to expand their system quickly and easily and do not have a lot of devices in use.

Purchase on account, PayPal, bank transfer, direct debit, credit cards

Avast SecureLine VPN4. The Avast Secureline applications VPN

Own license required for each device

But if you have multiple devices with one VPN If you want to secure, Avast SecureLine will cost you a lot: You have to buy a separate license for each device. Unfortunately, external devices such as game consoles or routers cannot be connected, only devices that are compatible with the Avast security software.

Applications with ease of use but few settings

In principle, the following applications are possible: Windows, Mac OSX, Android & Apple iOS. There are few setting options for all applications, which makes handling easy. There is also one Instructions for installation. However, we strongly suspect that Avast is trying to motivate users to buy more Avast products. As a minus point it should also be noted that the service is none Gate / Onion connection and also does not offer multi-hop cascading, port forwarding is also not possible.

5. Speed ​​tested with Avast Secureline VPN

Maximum speed tested
Germany | 18.03.2020

6. Privacy

Due to the limitation of the devices, the central acquisition of customer data is necessary. However, Avast saves SecureLine VPN no registration times or online times or other detailed information. There is no recording of your online behavior, ergo, no data that could be released to authorities etc. Your privacy is also protected from your ISP. And thanks to the secure encryption of all data between your device and the Avast SecureLine VPN- Servers are also no data storage and monitoring!

7. Streaming

Positive surprise: Netflix blocks Avast SecureLine VPN Not!

What does not sound so positive at first glance, but on closer inspection reveals a worthwhile service for certain applications. Particularly positive and a big surprise: Avast SecureLine VPN will NOT be blocked by Netflix! So you can stream with it. After the speed of the service is in order, there is no way to unlock TV and video content from abroad and your video enjoyment. And file sharing is allowed on many servers.

8. Download & Torrent

9. Avast Secureline VPN on the router

10. Avast Secureline VPN for online gaming

11. Avast Secureline VPN to travel

12. Customer service

13. Avast Secureline feature overview VPN

14. Frequently asked questions about Avast Secureline VPN

Saves Avast log files

Yes, log files are also provided according to their own information in the GTC.

Created on: 08/11/2019

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