Surfshark VPN

Surfshark VPN

Geschwindigkeit 9.3
Safety 8.5
Price-performance 9.0
Equipment 8.0
Customer Service 8.0


  • Good simple applications available for many devices
  • Inexpensive
  • New service, very customer-oriented
  • Cascaded VPN connections
  • Chrome extension available


  • Does not bypass network locks in some countries.
  • Few prescriptions so far available.
  • No 100% security

Surfshark VPN is a relatively new VPN service, but it has grown rapidly. The service offers appropriate software / applications for all common devices and is also absolutely affordable. The service is currently available in English only, but absolutely easy to use. However, the use is not possible within Arab countries, as the service can be detected and blocked by network locks.

Surfshark VPN - Quick Reference Guide

Selectable VPN locations

Despite its recent history, the service already offers a larger number of VPN servers in different countries. There are no restrictions regarding the use of data, time or relocation. The global network is also constantly being expanded and it can be assumed that the provider will already have a considerably larger number of selectable locations available within a few months.

Privacy with Surfshark

The service uses the common and secure VPN protocols for data transmission. In this regard, there are no security concerns. The implementation in the applications can but thanks to not a few reviews synonymous sometimes "application error" produce. In our test, this has been experienced on Android. Even if an error message is perceived as annoying in an application, the data security was not seriously endangered at any time.

Surfshark applications

Surfshark VPN extension for Google Chrome browser

Extension for Google Chrome browser

With the easy extension for Google Chrome Browser, it's the easiest way to use this service. All that is necessary is to load and install the extension from the official shop. But you already need access data from Surfshark to use this application.

Surfshark Apps for Android and Apple iOS

The apps, which can be selected in the official app shops, can just as easily be installed and used on the devices. However, these offer to-date, only the basic functions to establish VPN connection. With the apps for these devices there is absolutely still catching up to do and to be able to keep up with longer-known VPN providers.

Surfshark VPN on an ASUS router use

You can easily use the service on popular ASUS routers, but the setup is very simple. This connects the entire home network through Surfshark and transfers all data protected. The VPN client capable ASUS router can be found here: "ASUS VPN Router (unfortunately only in German)"

Instructions for popular ASUS routers

Created on:18. November 2018