Test: Hide.me

Hide.me VPN

from 4.17 USD per month


Phone 8.0


Phone 7.5


Phone 5.9


Phone 5.0

Customer Service

Phone 5.9


  • Secure anonymizer provider
  • Fast file sharing connections
  • Easy to use
  • Many payment methods


  • Medium server selection

Hide.me VPN is a VPN provider from Malaysia offering free but limited access. Filesharing but also TV streaming are also qualitatively possible. The operation is very simple and the VPN access software is mature.

Torrent File Sharing VPN Provider WITHOUT Logfiles !!!
Link to the provider: Hide.me VPN


Provider domicile: Malaysia
Available servers: 20 +
Locations in countries: 20
Available IP addresses: 8.000 +
Payment methods: Credit card, Paypal, uCard, uCash, Bitcoin, Paysafe, Maestro, cashU
Log file storage: NO

Software available:

  • Windows
  • Apple Mac OSX
  • Linux (open source)
  • Mobile devices are supported


Like most VPN providers, Hide.me also offers monthly packages:

  • Free limited access to 2GB available!
  • 1 month VPN service at 4.17 USD

Special features:

  • Simple installation
  • NO logfile or user data storage!
  • Anonymous payment methods possible
  • TOP speed for file sharing

Link to the provider: Hide.me VPN

Created on:28. October 2014

3 thoughts on "Test: Hide.me"

  1. Was very happy with hide.me for several years.
    Will change anyway, just to "see some other pictures" once.
    Server selection (x31) is enough for me completely.

  2. There is no provider of the IP does not save! This is Hide me and all others, quite simply it could anyone with a license to run as many devices as he wants. In addition, legal reasons play a role that data must be stored! Bitcoin or credit card anyone is quick to identify if authorities want that! The only one I know that is honest, Norton VPN is just after the 11 september !!!!! The biggest talker is the website VPN Mentor !! Really the other rated! (money is Geil) that is the only drive!

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