Test: ExpressVPN faster and WITHOUT log files


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  • Fast connections
  • VPN server in 78 different countries to choose from
  • Easy & installation on every device possible
  • 256-bit encryption and secure protocols
  • NO data retention / logfiles!


  • Higher price, but satisfied customers

ExpressVPN promises in the name already what it can - FAST VPN SERVICE. The operator saves no logfiles / stock data and offers software and installation help for all devices, even xBox, Playstation and many routers!

The setup and selection of the software is very simple, there are even exotic devices to choose from!

Software or configuration guides to choose from:

  • Windows
  • Mac OSX
  • iOS (iPhone, iPad)
  • AppleTV
  • Amazon Kindle Fire
  • Linux & Router
  • PlayStation
  • Microsoft Xbox
  • Various WLAN and network router

VPN network:

ExpressVPN operates approximately 231 VPN Server at 121 different locations in 78 countries! The VPN servers are all connected to the Internet via high-speed networks and therefore guarantee maximum bandwidth for every user.

Data Retention / Privacy:

ExpressVPN does not collect log files about the users' activities (stock data), therefore, the provider can not provide any requests from governments, courts or lawyers, and users enjoy very high privacy protection. Therefore, fully recommended to avoid the statutory data retention in Germany or other EU countries!

Protocols / Security:

ExpressVPN supports a total of 5 different VPN protocols with an encryption of up to 256-bit, this is considered very secure and therefore helps to create a VPN tunnel directly from the corporate network WITHOUT the local IT administrator could see or prevent this.


We've done more than 50 testing with ExpressVPN, the maximum loss over a connection WITHOUT VPN was 11%, which is a very good value, especially considering that in many cases no measurable loss of bandwidth has occurred through the use of ExpressVPN ! So TOP Speed ​​with Express VPN! A built-in speed test also helps to find fast connections and to use eg video telephony or other services at great speed!


The monthly price starts at 8.32 USD, which is not in comparison with other VPN providers, but with ExpressVPN you can also use up to 4 devices simultaneously with just one user account!

Of course you can also pay anonymously with Bitcoin at ExpressVPn, in addition to all credit cards, PayPal and some other payment systems!

ExpressVPN test Conclusion:

ExpressVPN is a complete and easy-to-use application that offers high speed but also very good privacy protection. Since you can ONLINE with up to 4 devices with only one user at the same time, the otherwise rather high price is relative (from 8.32 USD / month)

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Created on:3. September 2015

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