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  • Speed ​​when filesharing
  • Easy handling
  • No log files are saved
  • Integration with uTorrent and Vuze file sharing software


  • Not suitable for TV streaming
  • Only 3 countries available
  • High monthly costs
  • Software only available for Windows, Mac and Linux

BTGuard is a VPN provider based in Singapore. He specializes in anonymous and fast file sharing VPN connections. The provider emphasizes not to keep any log files or other records about its users! Especially comfortable to use with Bittorent, uTorrent and Vuze clients

Torrent File Sharing VPN Provider WITHOUT Logfiles !!!
Link to the provider: BTGuard VPN

Support of all relevant file-sharing clients


Provider domicile: Singapore
Available servers: 32 +
Locations in countries: 3 (Singapore, Netherlands, Canada)
Available IP addresses: 1.890 +
Payment methods: Credit cards and anonymous payment methods (Bitcoin)
Log file storage: NO

Software available:

  • Windows
  • Apple Mac OSX
  • Linux (open source)
  • uTorrent, Vuze implementation
  • Instructions for use with many other devices also available.


Like most VPN providers, BTGuard also offers monthly packages:

  • 1 month torrent / proxy service at 5.62 Euro
  • 1 month VPN service at 8.04 Euro
  • 3 months VPN service at 22.91 Euro
  • 6 months VPN service at 41.00 Euro
  • 12 months VPN service at 72.05 Euro

Special features:

  • Easy installation also in connection with torrent software
  • NO logfile or user data storage!
  • Anonymous payment methods possible
  • TOP speed for file sharing

Link to the provider: BTGuard VPN

Created on:27. October 2014

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