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  • It's hardly faster and easier!
  • Great software features on all devices!
  • Anonymous payment options and 30 days money back guarantee
  • World Champion at servers and locations in 193 COUNTRIES!
  • Customer service, it could not be better!


  • Price is higher but OK
  • Provider from USA stores only basic data!

HideMyAss is one of the largest VPN providers and impresses with simple yet extensive software and a large number of Locations and VPN servers in 193 different countries, The provider was also for help requests immediately on the spot (top service). Top 5 provider in the speed in the test!

It's hardly faster and more professional!

Link to the provider: Hide-My-Ass VPN

HideMyAss VPN access software 9

Facts about HideMyAss:

Vendor headquarters: UK UK
Available servers: 900 +
Locations in countries: 193
Available IP addresses: 191.000 +
Methods of Payment: Mastercard, VisaLog File: YES (limited)
(limited storage of logfiles for technical reasons. Disclosure of personal data ONLY after a court order in the UK)

Software available:

  • Windows (XP, Vista, 7, 8)
  • Apple Mac OSX (10.6; 10.7; 10.8; 10.9)
  • Android (Smartphone, Tablet, 2.xx; 3.xx; 4.xx; 5.xx)
  • Apple iOS (iPhone, iPad)
  • Linux (Ubuntu, Debian)
  • Router (instructions)

Included services:

  • Full access unlimited to all servers without speed limit
  • Access to 895 VPN servers distributed to 232 cities in 193 different countries
  • Two simultaneous uses (on PC and Smartphone z.Bsp.)
  • Access software for Windows, Apple OSX, Apple iOS, Android, Linux (Debian, Ubuntu), instructions for various network and wireless routers
  • Integrated speed measurements in the software to find the currently fastest server
  • 30 days money-back guarantee WITHOUT giving any reason etc. Ideal to test the product as well!
  • Optionally renewing or not renewing contract binding WITHOUT additional costs


The protection of privacy is a major reason why many choose a VPN provider. HideMyAss VPN offers state-of-the-art encryption (256-bit OpenVPN) as well as several protection functions that make the access software more secure. (eg block applications so that they can only communicate via HideMyAss with an existing VPN connection!)

However, if you expect absolute anonymity with HideMyAss, you should pay a lot of attention. The provider is required by law at its UK site to store user log information, including the ability to draw conclusions from the customer and the IP address used by the customer for a specified period of time. There are no other data stored (ie not which pages were opened, etc.) But in the event that a court has been assigned to a specific IP address the HMA has made an inquiry, this will be answered. So you have a very good protection by HideMyAss, when it comes to tracking through websites or other things on the Internet to protect, before a judicial investigation, it will not help! There are providers that store absolutely no user data like: InCloak or Perfect Privacy.


We've had some work to test all HideMyAss servers :) And to be honest, we did not make it. at 900 + Server in 190 states we will give up sometime. But what we can say: There are some servers that are apparently used extensively by file sharers and there are also occasional speed issues. However, it is helpful that a speed test was installed in the software to recognize these servers. If you stick to the other servers (and there are more than enough of them), then there are not really any problems. HideMyAss also offers the option of automatically switching to the fastest available server, which always gives you top speed. For TV & Video streaming over the Internet, there are no problems, the connections are also very stable over time and you can receive data in high resolutions!


HideMyAss access software is also available in German on smartphones and tablets, ie Android and Apple iOS systems. However, the Windows and Mac versions are in English. The usability is so simple and with symbols deposited that there are no problems. Special security features are also easy to activate and understandable.

Alternatives to HideMyAss

HMA plays in the league of the largest VPN providers, here are the possible alternatives already rather small to look at. If you need the VPN service for streaming and accessing TV content from other countries, HMA will serve you really well. A possible alternative would be only PureVPN or IPVanish, which offer this in a similarly good range. If you also use privacy, you will find alternatives like VyprVPN appreciate this provider also offers some features that outshine even HideMyAss, such as the unique VPN protocol "Chameleon". On the subject of anonymity, we have already written, it is possible here to find better providers, but this is also a matter of taste for each individual whether this is needed.

price overview

HideMyAss VPN Service:

1 Monat

6 months access

12 months access

9.99 $ USD

49.99 $ USD

78.66 $ USD

per month
9.99 $ USD

Month ( MM )
$ 8.33

Month ( MM )
$ 6.55

corresponds to
about 9 € EUR
per month
corresponds to
about 6,50 € EUR
per month
corresponds to
about 5,00 € EUR
per month

Current offer, limited in time:

HideMyAss VPN Offers

Special features:

  • 30 days money back guarantee
  • Best customer service (email, forum, live chat)
  • Built-in speed test to find the fastest connection currently!
  • Easy handling (HideMyAss VPN instructions in German)

Our summary:

HideMyAss has achieved a very high level of usability and stability after almost 10 years of development. No other vendor can boast VPN servers in 191 states, making HideMyAss the pinnacle of the industry. If you want absolute anonymity, you will not opt ​​for HideMyAss, but if you are looking for a stable and very good privacy protection, then HideMyAss is the place for you. Who uses an offer of action also finds the price-performance ratio hardly a better alternative.

Link to the provider: Hide-My-Ass VPN

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