How to disable the Windows 10 installation guide?

Windows makes a pretty pushy upgrade policy to its new Windows 10 operating system.

But who wants to stay on his previous operating system (which we also recommend because Windows 10 is a data octopus) can not turn off these upgrade notes so easily!

Responsible for this is an update that has been installed on the computer KB3035583

But it is about no security updateIt only makes sure that Microsoft gets the current status of your operating system and displays the update message!

How can I remove these Windows 10 update hints now?

Uninstall the update KB3035583 from your computer.

This goes through two ways:

Responsible for this call is the service: GWX.exe You can easily end this in the Task Manager, but it will come back anytime you restart the PC. You could also remove this service from the autostart, but it still remains on the PC and it will be started again at the next update.


Permanently easy the update KB3035583 permanently removed from the computer.

This is possible by starting the service CMD in the program search window. A black input window opens:


WUSA / uninstall / KB: 3035583

(Note: do not overlook spaces) and press Enter.

A prompt opens on the Windows screen that initiates the uninstall process. Confirm this window and then restart the computer!

Do not forget at the next request of the update system to exclude and hide this update so it will not be reinstalled!

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