NPP 168: When men stalk, threaten and listen

Somehow he always knows where you are and who you talked to? Also in Germany use many Spy apps to spy on partners. Public domain-similar released by Daria Nepriakhina "Mobile phones are a treasure trove. If you monitor your friend's mobile phone with a spy app, you will know everything about it without being caught. "With such sentences, the manufacturer of a popular spy app advertises his product online. It costs about 30 Euro a month, then a friend or ex-boyfriend can read all the emails and WhatsApp messages his partner writes, their photos, their location or what they actually do on Snapchat, Tinder or Skype makes. The woman herself does not get it.

Such an intrusion into the privacy of another person is extreme and yet this is no longer an isolated case. As research of the editorial motherboard have revealed, also in Germany use thousands of such apps. A survey of women's counseling centers from last year shows that it has long since been part of everyday life: women who are spied on with the help of mobile phones, whose partners can pass the passwords to their accounts and devices, and threaten with resistance, intimate images to publish.

Digital violence is the term used by activists and professionals in recent times: the continuation of violence against women by technical means. The spying and blackmailing of the partner is one of them, but it is only one aspect. Groups on Reddit share the best techniques to put the face of unknown women on the body of porn actresses. Others meet in forums on hate campaigns against individual women on Twitter, publish the addresses of politicians or feminists, or send unsolicited shots of their penis in the chat.

Yes, men are also affected by such attacks, says Anna Hartmann, who oversees digital violence at the Federal Association of Women's Counseling Centers (bff). But they are not affected because they are men. Women, on the other hand. It's called gender-based violence. It's nothing new in itself, but since our everyday lives have become more digital, it now extends into those areas as well.

Anne Roth is a network policy officer for the Left Party. She accompanied a group question on the issue last year and made a sensational speech at the Congress of the Chaos Computer Club. Together with her and Anna Hartmann we talk about the question, why so little attention has been paid to this subject in Germany, why espionage apps can not simply be banned (and if such a ban would bring little), why there are more people with technology A clue in the advice centers would need and at what other places money, studies and quite simply good will missing.

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Show Notes

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Created on:9. March 2019