What was left of the day: Cyber ​​attacks, Elysium end and 5G auction

If we think of the image as the tune of "Above the Clouds" - are we committing a copyright infringement? - Phishing attacks using third-party applications against Egyptian civil society organizations (Amnesty International)

Cyber ​​attacks on Egyptian human rights activists: inside have probably been supported by government agencies. Amnesty International reports that since the beginning of January 2019 has had several attacks on email accounts of activists: inside and NGOs. The report summarizes the events and clearly shows what such attacks can look like.

Hunt on 'Elysium': the end of Germany's largest child pornography platform (Vice)

Today, for the time being, the last rulings in the trial fell on the Darknet side of Elysium, where child molesters organized and exchanged image material about rape. Theresa Locker and Max Hoppenstedt describe for Vice the operators, the scene and the technical tricks of the police.

Federal Government wants to decide local roaming only after the 5G auction (Handelsblatt)

It sounded like a smoke candle from the beginning, but now the subject should be off the table until further notice: in the last second - after all, the auction of 5G frequencies on 19. March - wanted the federal government with a novella law to local roaming legally to achieve the bottom line better mobile coverage and more competition. What we have already heard in recent days is now confirmed by Handelsblatt. Supposedly, the change in the law but just come later - if the frequencies are already taken.

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Created on:7. March 2019