Copyright reform: When the internet protest comes in the beer tent

Several hundred people demonstrated at the 6. March in Hanover in front of the CDU headquarters. All rights reserved @Lalelein24 The protests against uploadfiter in the EU copyright reform do not ebb. After yesterday's protests in front of the CDU headquarters in Hanover and Hamburg, each with several hundred participants, activists announced three new demonstrations in the last 24 hours alone for the weekend.

So are now on Saturday in Cologne, Leipzig, Magdeburg and Kassel protests expected. In Cologne, the opponents of copyright reform have been on the streets three times since mid-February - and had mobilized thousands each. We have collected all known demonstrations and appointments in a list.

Protest action in the beer tent

A protest action was also the Political Ash Wednesday of the CDU in North Rhine-Westphalia Recke. There, the EPP Group Chairman Manfred Weber was announced as the keynote speaker. Not announced were about 15 demonstrator: inside, protesting in the decorated beer tent protest against upload filter (video). The supporters of the Union reacted indignantly, tore the protesters posters and banners out of hand. Allegedly, the police later picked up the personal details of those involved.

According to a demonstrator, 50 people were involved in the campaign, most of the security had not been allowed into the beer tent. According to "IVZ aktuell" Manfred Weber is said to have criticized the demonstrators with the words "Democrats are listening to each other". As a reminder, he wanted to avoid Europe-wide protests by bringing forward the voting date in the European Parliament.

Weber's plan to postpone the vote was described by some as "democratizing" and on Tuesday night had driven thousands of people in short-notice demonstrations on the streets and in front of the CDU headquarters.

#no13 - Decentralized protests from the windows

For decentralized protests under the hashtag #no13 with posters, signs and banners on windows called the musician and producer Bruno Kramm.

The hands-on campaign should make the protest against copyright reform in the cityscape and on the streets under the hashtag #no13 visible and take place on all social networks. The number 13 refers to the highly controversial article 13 of reform, which will lead to the use of upload filters.

As a guest of the podcast logbook: Netzpolitik I talked to Tim Pritlove and Linus Neumann in detail about the protest movement and the latest developments.

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Created on:7. March 2019