The maximum anonymity with VPN multi-hob connections

Technically, there are some solutions that promise to anonymize the user. In any case, one also depends on the trusting quality of the providers. Perfect Privacy offers a technical solution that is unreasonable even for the own operator and in addition also secret services could carry out the direct attacks, is impossible to penetrate.

The procedure is called "VPN Multi-Hob" and does not mean much more than passing through several VPN servers of your choice. So you build an encrypted connection to the first VPN server and receive a random IP address. This connects you to the next VPN server builds an encrypted connection with the previously assigned identity and gets assigned another identity, then it establishes a connection to the next VPN server ... etc.

This has the advantage that the connections are encrypted multiple times and are also kept out of sight of the operator. It is technically no longer possible to decrypt or track this, even if you would know the first VPN server and theoretically monitor both connections (your own and that of the server), you could no longer decrypt activities!

Perfect Privacy VPN Multi-Hob Connections

The whole thing can then be extended in combination with access to the TOR network from any Perfect-Privacy Server. In practice, this obviously means a loss of speed but the maximum possible protection.

Technically, this is modeled on the TOR network, but with the advantage that there are high-performance servers with appropriate bandwidths available and you can also determine the endpoint, ie the location of the then accessing Internet content!

VPN Multi-Hob is currently not available for smartphones!

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