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Welcome to my page. I test VPN Providers.

I tried the ultimate here VPN Build test website. I have carefully about 100 VPNProvider tested, and also some instructions too the best VPNs written in different categories. Do yourself an overview. If you want more about that VPN-Providers want to know, then read the Reviews or inform yourself about current news. I'm about to publish all reviews on this page (in the coming days), so come back soon and keep you informed.

TIP: I also have a simple guide "3 steps to anonymity on the Internet"Published, because the possibility of its anonymity and privacy, even on the Internet to protect is given and it is also very simple and certainly daily feasible.

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The advantage of VPNServices is not "anonymity", but the "privacy" which one preserves.

However, the address of the house is publicly accessible, as at home on the windows where you can draw the curtains. The difference is that you are no longer exposed to curious and unfamiliar looks. This has nothing to do with illegal acts; it is a basic need and right of every human to have control of what others are allowed to experience in their private lives.

As in my previous example, I would like to ask you to consider if you would also agree with cameras at home watching 24h in all your activities? Imagine if this would not immediately change your behavior. The "storage data storage" should do exactly that, they record all your activities 24h and 365 days per year, no matter how personal they are. Unlike your Facebook activities, but you have no choice whether you want to share these activities or not!

A short guide to VPNs

If you have never heard of VPNs have heard that is no problem. We are here to introduce you and explain how they work. Wikipedia articles do a good job of course, but I've tried to find even simpler and less technical words for it.

One VPN-Server leaves you directly to the VPNSite will not only hide your identity but also make you appear on the internet as if you were in that place yourself.

Have been around 10 years and even today, are VPNs original corporate servers that allow employees to connect directly to work from home or on the road, directly accessing the company's internal networks. Today are VPNs often a way to hide their own identity ONLINE- The past months, through the revelations of Edward Snowden were also very important here. Before that were VPN`s usually also interesting for people who lived in countries that had severe restrictions and official monitoring, such as China or Turkey.

Encryption of the data

Through the encrypted connections with VPN It was thus possible to establish connections directly through the firewalls of the states and thus access content outside the country unhindered. Today we know that also US citizens, Great Britain, France and finally even Germany are monitoring citizens and recording user activity. Therefore, today, people from around the world use it to protect privacy and escape surveillance.

While a VPN Money costs, on average it is so 5-10 USD per month, there are also providers who offer completely overpriced their services. But there are also real "bargains" and who pays a lot does not always necessarily offer more. It is important in any case to check whether the service includes the services that you expect it and whether the operators have taken precautions to To guarantee privacy or even anonymity. Does the operator store logfiles (records of the activities) or not? User activities could be when one is online, what one is doing on the internet or with whom one communicates. That's why I took particular care at this point and in my test reports.

My IP address - is my phone number!

All computers connected to the Internet have a unique address that identifies them, the so-called "IP address". This is a numerical code that is assigned to a computer either fixed (as in many cable companies) or awarded by the Internet provider / provider dynamically. Whenever a user makes something on the Internet (eg Chatting, writing an e-mail, visiting a website), the IP address of the respective computer is stored in a log file by the web servers on the Internet or additionally in the "header" of the E -Mail immortalized.

So you leave tracks when you move on the Internet!

  • These traces are not always immediately attributable to a specific person, but they can - if, for example, the police receives an ad - be linked together and then lead to the identity of the appropriate user / in. It's like a puzzle.
  • With VPN-Services trying to prevent just that!

Privacy & anonymity on the PC

But "Anonymity should never be used to do anything illegal. As in real life, theft, fraud etc. is simply not "sociable" and therefore prohibited by various laws. That should always be considered on the Internet and behave demensprechend. Because:

Anonymity on the Internet is NOT a "free ticket" for Verbechen!

Offline security is also important!

Other users on the same computer can sometimes see which websites their predecessors visited or which programs they visited.

  • With a bit of technical expertise you can find out a lot about others.
  • Of course, there are tools to fight this kind of snooping. However, these tools are often complicated and do not provide 100% security.
  • If someone has enough data available (logfiles, nicknames, passwords, etc.), he / she can usually put an end to even the smartest Internet users.
  • Because at some point everyone makes a mistake.

Many questions have been put to me so far:

  • Is Cyberghost VPN for sure?
  • Can one with PureVPN be anonymous on the internet?
  • Is VyprVPN really anonymous?
  • How to Surf Anonymously on the Internet?
  • And many more you will find answered on this page ...

My experiences with VPNproviders;

My experiences and the test series should help you find the right one VPN-Service to meet your needs. I've checked more than 100 providers now, so I have a pretty good idea of ​​what each provider's differences are.

In the coming days, I publish on this page much more product tests and reviews. But all reports can be evaluated by yourself. You can easily just below the test pages to share your experience by comment and even according to the predetermined criteria to evaluate the product itself. You help to ensure that others get a good overview.

If you have any further questions, I am also happy to help, just comment, I read these regularly and always answer immediately!

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