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  • 100% own hardware / software in use
  • Additional security-relevant functions (own VPN protocol, own DNS server, NAT firewall, malware blocker)
  • Provider with legal location in Switzerland, which provides the highest possible data security
  • Operation and integration on all possible devices with very good and simple applications
  • 30 days money back guarantee


  • Amazon Video & Netflix block the provider

VyprVPN is a very professional Swiss service provider with more than 600.000 active customers worldwide. Especially the self-developed software makes fun on all devices and leaves thanks to the "German understandable language" a very good overall impression throughout the test.

VyprVPN features and overview

However, with more than 1000-powered servers deployed at 94 locations around the world, the service also provides enough resources to truly deliver maximum performance, resilience, and stability to every customer. The entire network of VyprVPN is 100% owned by the provider, so it does not use any leased services, which of course increases security dramatically, as no third party / third parties are involved. The IP addresses used are directly to the operator, with the result that in each case, the local legal framework of the provider to use. This combination of these facts is rather uncommon in the industry but provides the best possible guarantee of legal and technical privacy and personal data.

Additional safety-related functions

Additional functions, such as the own record-free DNS servers, also serve to optimize the usage result and data security. The provider has even developed its own VPN protocol "Chameleon" to disguise the VPN data on the Internet and thus unrecognized to use the service, for example, in China.

In summary, VyprVPN delivers a comprehensive, mature and solid service that is absolutely worth the money!

Amazon Video & Netflix unfortunately NO!

The disadvantage in this context is only that the use of Amazon Video and Netflix due to the thereby easier recognizability of the IP addresses (read on the operator itself) is impossible. So the geo-blockade of these two services does not allow VyprVPN to retrieve video content.

Brief overview of VyprVPN

  • Company location: Meggen in Switzerland
  • Active VPN Sites: 94+
  • Active VPN servers: 1000+
  • Used protocols: OpenVPN, IEKv2 (L2TP), PPTP, "Chameleon"
  • Own software available: Windows, Mac OSX, Android, Apple iOS, Linux, extension for Tomato router, extension for Kodi, AndroidTV
  • Prices: 1 month from $ 7.95 / 1 year from $ 42 (then $ 3.50 / month)

Installation of VyprVPN

Installing VyprVPN is easy and certainly easy for anyone to do. Since everything is executed in German and understandable language there should be no difficulties. But it does not make sense to use the "trial versions" of the provider, but to set up the user account first. The reason for this is that users who use the trial version can not receive any discounting options later.

For devices where you can install any software or applications can be found on the side of the provider also detailed descriptions. It is thus easily possible to equip WLAN routers or to use the service on devices with KODI. Of course, AppleTV, AndroidTV or Linux are also supported.

Functions of the software

The self-developed software / applications offer a large selection of functions, which one searches with other providers mostly in vain. These include:

  • Automatic reconnection in case of connection loss
  • KillSwitch: Stop all data if VPN is not available
  • Bind individual applications to the use of VPN! So that they can never connect without a VPN
  • Automatic test of the best connection and display of the "best connections" simplifies the site selection

Payment methods and prices

Unfortunately, VyprVPN offers only two payment options. PayPal and credit cards are accepted. Of course, this restriction is unlikely to be pleasing. However, the prices for the service are surprisingly low compared to other providers which offer much less technical innovation and performance.

There are two different tariffs available, differing only in small details and offering both unlimited data access.

VyprVPN fares

VyprVPN standard
€ 3.50
p.month (annual payment € 42); at mtl. Payment € 7.95
  • Unlimited data volumes
  • No speed limit
  • DNS server included
  • Access to all 94 locations, worldwide
  • Software included
  • OpenVPN, L2TP / IEKv2, PPTP protocols
  • up to 3 devices at the same time with one access
VyprVPN Premium
€ 5.00
p.month (annual payment € 60); at mtl. Payment € 11.95
  • Unlimited data volumes
  • No speed limit
  • DNS server included
  • Access to all 94 locations, worldwide
  • Software included
  • OpenVPN, L2TP / IEKv2, PPTP + the own Chameleon protocol
  • up to 5 devices at the same time with access

Privacy, anonymity and privacy with VyprVPN

The important thing about VyprVPN has already been explained in the overview. Privacy is the main goal of the provider, which makes it through the completely own infrastructure is not easy to protect them. Instead of advertising slogans, VyprVPN provides maximum legal and technical security through the corporate headquarters and registered IP addresses. In Switzerland, the highest possible collateral applies to users and everything is based on legally perfect conditions. Basically, therefore, it can be assumed that data transmission to authorities would only be permissible if the Swiss judge previously approved them in an individual decision. However, the necessary prerequisites are very clearly defined with terrorism and danger to life and limb. Filesharing, downloads or unintentional copyright offenses are not included. Which is why you do not have to worry about warnings or research.

100% own hardware, no compromises.

It is much more important for the protection of personal data, however, that the servers are stored and managed by VyprVPN for 100% on their own hardware and without the help of external companies. This is the safest way to prevent protection against criminals or unauthorized access.

Everything even that DNS Abfagen is housed directly on VyprVPN hardware, this concept is also consistent and completed for all personal information to the highest level of security.

All components and servers are bundled and work together.

The company's hardware servers, as well as switches and all network infrastructure, are also operating in "clusters" together. For the usage, this means that multiple devices can support each other in their tasks and guarantee a smooth and failure-free operation with always maximum performance.

VyprVPN as a family VPN

Due to several of the factors described VyprVPN is therefore also ideal for use as a "family VPN". The operation on a home router from ASUS is absolutely recommendable. The advantages that are particularly important are: Fail-free operation thanks to "cluster hardware", always maximum data security and speed, integration via OpenVPN and PPTP protocols.

Streaming and videos from the internet with VyprVPN

Of course you can also use VyprVPN to retrieve content from other countries or abroad, which otherwise would not be accessible through Geo-IP-Blocking. This applies to all media libraries, local TV channels or platforms such as zattoo.com. Since Amazon Video as well as Netflix but with your programs to block VPN providers are already well advanced, now VyprVPN is affected. So you can not use these two platforms over active connections. The remaining platforms are running but thanks to the excellent speeds excellent and permanently provide high transmission speeds, which can be tracked in the high resolutions at reception quite well.

Online games with VyprVPN

For online games are primarily less the maximum achievable data speeds, as the latency times relevant. This means that this is the shortest response time from your own device to a certain point on the Internet. VyprVPN stands out because the network has been optimized for this as well. Even really critical applications like "VoIP - Telefonie" work very well. With the new technique "killstrike" VyprVPN will also soon release an accelerated latency version. In the beta stage it has already been shown that it is possible by using a VPN service that is designed to even improve these relevant values ​​compared to normal usage. Online players are therefore really well served with VyprVPN, today and in the future.

Terms and Conditions of termination

VyprVPN offers each of its services in a very transparent way, so the user has a constant overview of the usage times already purchased and also when these processes expire. Like most prepayment providers, there are no time limits to comply with the tariff renewal option. Normally, monthly or annual fees are automatically deducted. In the customer area, however, this can be stopped or started again with just a few mouse clicks. Even the money-back guarantee (30 days for new customers) can be requested from the customer area. It can hardly make it easier and clearer for its users as an online provider. There is a big PLUS of us!

Our conclusion to VyprVPN

The Swiss provider is definitely one of the favorites when it comes to a very good protection, data security, speed as well as everyday usability. Even for whole families, the use of the included applications or the home router is quite excellent. Who uses VyprVPN, has quickly forgotten that his data is automatically encrypted in the background and anonymized. Additional functions facilitate handling and offer a rarely used usage without any loss. VyprVPN has therefore earned our recommendation absolutely and rightly.

Created on:3. May 2017

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