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  • Easy to use
  • Complete in German
  • Fast and friendly customer service
  • new provider without log files
  • Cheap offer and 15 days for free trial


  • low worldwide selection of locations
  • Security features such as Internet blocking is still missing in the access software
  • The software still has a security hole!
  • The privacy policies that are promised are not credible!

The San Marino-based VPN provider "SpyOff" offers a complete service for securing privacy on the Internet, available in German. The service is still very young and the staff strive for every single customer. It is also fitting that you are currently offering - for free 15 days - a special introductory offer.


The delivered software evidently has a security vulnerability. If the VPN connection is interrupted, your device can connect to your own IP address unprotected and without warning! In addition, reports were made by users who doubt the privacy promises of the company! We will do the test again soon!

Overview of SpyOff VPN:

  • Company location: Republic of San Marino
  • VPN Locations: 17 States
  • VPN Server: 100 Server in different locations
  • IP addresses: 14.000 +
  • Access software: Windows, Android, Mac OS X, (iOS coming soon)
  • Supported protocols: OpenVPN (TCP), OpenVPN (UDP), L2TP, PPTP
  • No log file storage
  • Price per month: 9,99 €
    Price per 6 months:
    Price per 12 months: 6,99 € / month (83,88 €)

SPECIAL OFFER: Free trial for 15 days!

Of course, we have tested the service and can confirm that the entire website, customer service and access software are completely available in German. This is not self-evident and should interest many German customers.

Easy to use

In addition, the offered access software makes a very good impression, there are no unnecessary features, but everything is very easy to install and use! The selection of VPN servers is quite good, even if the company has not yet reached the reach of the worldwide locations of other VPN services, but for a young company this is already quite neat.

Privacy / Security:

The protection of the privacy shall be ensured by good encryption protocols such as OpenVPN and the provider promises not to store any log files of the users and thus to have no record of the activities of the users. Unfortunately, we also noticed that some VPN connections were not completely stable, in case of loss of the connection this is disconnected and the own device then possibly communicates unprotected with the Internet and releases the identity of the user. That should not be, other offerers have here a function, which locks with an unwanted separation automatically all other Internet traffic. This is possible also manually z.Bsp. set up on Android, but it would be more comfortable if this would already provide the software.

Payment Methods

SpyOFF offers only the possibility to pay via credit card or direct debit. Both methods are therefore not without problems, since SpyOFF stores the specified data of the credit card and also the bank details themselves and thus may be abused in the event of a hacker attack. Therefore, other providers usually do not store this data. However, since SpyOFF wants to deduct the account / credit card of the customer independently, this data is unfortunately deposited.

Speed ​​of the SpyOff VPN server

In terms of speed, we noticed that there are big differences from server to server, there are also an exceptionally large number of different servers (100 +) available, because you lose track quickly and can barely remember which server you at the last Time was connected. But if you have found a good server for yourself and your job, then the speed is also good. There are many VPON servers in the USA, Europe and also Asia, it is also guaranteed that one can fall back on a large number of international identities.


The indicated prices are in direct comparison with other providers overpriced even more, where these are also indicated directly in euros. From our point of view, the PLUS package contains services that nobody needs and is apparently only intended to make the regular tariff cheaper. We advise against making your own payment data (account or credit card) available to the provider!

Summary of the test of SpyOff VPN:

Taking small initial errors into account, SpyOff VPN is an easy-to-use and affordable VPN service completely in German. the customer service is very hard-working and for the vast majority of users, the range of the VPN sites will be sufficient. The prices are in our opinion, unfortunately not the services offered. Free trial periods are to be treated with caution, as there have always been reports that the amounts have been debited, even though they have been terminated.


Created on:31. October 2015

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