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Perfect Privacy VPN

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  • German website and software
  • No personal data required / highest anonymity!
  • 4-fold encryption breaks through every firewall
  • Unlimited number of connections per user
  • Best German customer service in the test!


  • Price seems high, but also offers a great performance!
  • No trial period or money back guarantee, but the promise to satisfy every customer!

Perfect Privacy is a Swiss VPN provider whose goal is to ensure the highest level of anonymity worldwide. Definitely no logfiles and never userdata are stored, even after server seizure in the US, no user data could be obtained from it. Perfect-Privacy is the only VPN service known to us that offers a "VPN Multi-Hob", which means that you get more and more identities across multiple locations and therefore the activities are not even traceable to secret services. In addition, you can even incorporate the TOR network into your own connection and thus obtain additional anonymity. Basically, it is technically impossible for a user of Perfect-Privacy to track data exchange over the Internet. Those who value their privacy have a choice here!

Highest anonymity and German customer care!

Link to the provider: Perfect Privacy


Location: Switzerland, founded in the year 2008
Available servers: 41 +
Locations in countries: 25
Available IP addresses: 5.500 +
Protocols: OpenVPN, L2TP / IPSec and PPTP.
Payment methods: Mastercard, Visa, Bitcoin,
Log file storage: NO (No user data will be saved, even in the RAM of the server, no user data is stored!)
Data security: 4-fache encryption, is not crackable synonymous with DeepPacketInspection!

No personal data is required to complete a subscription, you can pay anonymously and only need an (even anonymous) e-mail address!

Software available:

  • Windows 7 & 8
  • Apple Mac OSX (under development BETA, currently recommended free software: Tunnelblick)
  • Apple iOS (iPhone, iPad) (in preparation, currently FreeVPN)
  • Linux (open source only)
  • Router (by instructions)


Like most providers, Perfect Privacy also offers monthly packages.

  • 1 month at 13,49 EUR
  • 3 months at 12,98 EUR per month
  • 6 months at 10,99 EUR per month
  • 12 months at 10.41 EUR per month
  • 24 months at 8.95 EUR per month

Special features:

  • Absolute anonymity through 4-fold encryption and renouncement of any user data storage.
  • No personal data necessary for user account
  • Port forwarding to achieve top speed for file sharing / torrent!
  • Protects the anonymity of its customers more committed than any other provider.
  • Transparent overview of all available bandwidths at any time.
  • Fair VPN provider, the anonymity of its customers is important!
  • Available in German and English also the support.
  • Multi-Hob VPN connections and TOR integration are collectively considered the highest level of anonymity!

Available VPN sites and VPN servers in:

VPN in Australia, VPN in Brazil, VPN in Canada, VPN in Egypt, VPN in France, VPN in Germany, VPN in Hong Kong, VPN in Iceland, VPN in Israel, VPN in Japan, VPN in Lithuania, VPN in Luxembourg, VPN in the Netherlands, VPN in Panama, VPN in Romania, VPN in Russia, VPN in Singapore, VPN in Sweden, VPN in Switzerland, VPN in Turkey, VPN in Ukraine, VPN in the UK, VPN in USA, VPN in Latvia, VPN in Czech Republic

Multi-Hob VPN

Perfect-Privacy is the only provider known to us that has implemented the system for anonymisation in a technically perfect way. Via multi-hob VPN, the user connects via several freely selectable VPN servers and is constantly assigned new encryptions and identities. As a result, even the operator himself has no chance to recognize what a single user is doing. You can also connect directly to the TOR (Onion) network via all Perfect-Privacy VPN Servers and retrieve content directly from it.

Perfect Privacy VPN Multi-Hob Connections

Privacy Notice and Anonymity with Perfect Privacy VPN:

The provider does not ask for personal information when registering, an e-mail address, which can also be anonymously designed on the Internet is sufficient. Of course you can also pay anonymously, using Bitcoin or other alternative anonymous forms of payment on request. In addition, Perfect Privacy guarantees that it does not create log files for users, they are not even created or stored locally or temporarily on the VPN servers. In some cases, where authorities perceived this as unlawful and subsequently confiscated the vendor's VPN servers, there was also no disclosure of customer data or any possibility for the authorities to extract them from the seized servers. Perfect Privacy is proving to be the most secure VPN provider we know and is technically and legally opposed to any attempts by government agencies or even intelligence agencies to undermine users' privacy!

Customer Service

Customer Service is available to 24h on a daily basis and can help with questions with individual answers and even with remote assistance directly on their own device. (Teamviewer) This service is unique in all our tests and indeed competent!

our recommendation

In this sense, we give our recommendation for this provider, for all those who want to see their privacy respected and protected! It offers the most outstanding technical features that protect your own anonymity on the Internet, as well as a German customer service that even provides direct help with Teamviewer.

Link to the provider: Perfect Privacy

Created on:3th of June 2015

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