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  • 24h free and anonymous testing!
  • No log files are saved
  • ABSOLUTELY cheap! 7 days money back guarantee!
  • Fast servers available worldwide
  • Anonymous payment methods


  • Only available in English

HideMy.Name (formerly InCloak VPN) is a Russian VPN provider with anonymous payment method and without logfile user data storage, TOP anonymity is therefore guaranteed! In the test, speed and a large number of servers convinced, despite the very low price! The most secure (anonymity) provider compared!

Offer: 24h free and anonymous test!
Link to the provider: InCloak VPN


Provider headquarters: Russia
Available servers: 65 +
Locations in countries: 45
Available IP addresses: 3.800 +
Payment methods: Mastercard, Visa, also anonymous payment methods
Log file storage: NO (no user data is stored, access via an encryption number!)

Software available:

  • Windows
  • Apple Mac OSX (tunnel view, opensource)
  • Apple iOS (iPhone, iPad) (open source)
  • Linux (open source)
  • Router (by instructions)


inCloak uses OpenVP as well as its own version based on OpenVPN to protect customers' data, which is actually the best solution. On the available servers one is safe and stable protected. InCloak supports the use of OpenSource VPN software solutions, which is an advantage as it provides truly secure and constantly evolving solutions. However, if you want to have it easy, simply use the provider's Windows software, enter your access number and be sure.


We have tested InCloak completely. We were unable to fix problems with speeds, although only some servers in Russia were heavily utilized. This is not really a problem because there are enough servers to use in the selection.

Anonymous on the Internet


Like most providers, InCloak also offers monthly packages, in addition also daily use possible, currently four different packages are available:

  • 1 Tag (24h) at 0.70 USD (0,55 EUR)
  • 1 month at 6.00 USD (4,60 EUR)
  • 6 months (quarter) at 15.00 USD
  • 12 months (year) around 25.00 USD

Prices for the InCloak VPN service.

Special features:

  • Daily offer available and additional day use also available!
  • NO logfile or user data storage!
  • Anonymous payment methods possible
  • TOP speed
  • 2 simultaneous connections per user possible!
  • Price and security recommendation of the editorial staff

The InCloak VPN has achieved such a good rating, because of the ease of use, the high security for the anonymity of the users and the unbeatable price!

Link to the provider: InCloak VPN

Created on:5. October 2014

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